Jenna Dolly – Dolly and the NSA hunt

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We went hunting again, this time it was the No Strings Attached hunt, a hunt for dollys. The hunt coordinator Jenna Dolly happily agreed to answer our questions when we were done with the hunt.

What is your role in the Hunt?

Jenna Dolly

I am the administrative assistant to Trinity Vuissent.
Also part of owner of the Dolly Box

Can you tell us a little bit about No Strings Attached?

The NSA hunt is a labor of love that helps bring the dolly community together and allows us to find new places and get better acquainted with the old ones.

How long did you have to prepare for this hunt?

We started two months ago. having learned from the first one. we pulled the first one together in less than a month we started by doing invites to our favorite stores and then opening it up to the public
The main requirement for getting in the hunt was having a distinct appreciated for dolly related items.

Did you find any part of the organisation challenging? Were there any problems?

This one went to much more smoothly than the last. we had a spreadsheet on google and we used Skype to communicate. The hardest part was getting ahold of people sometimes to check with them and make sure they didn’t have any concerns or questions but that is why you have to start the process early. because some people can’t get inworld on a regular basis.
The best part was discovering new places. that was so much fun.

Tell us a bit about your store, The Dolly Box?

They are all a labor of love. The Dolly Box has been open for over a year now and has gone through many changes to get the look just right. We want to have it be a place for dollies to hang out and meet up with each other.
My stores have been very fun to maintain. i started off with a spot at the mall at the Dolly Box, which is still there, and finally worked my way up to having a main store. that was exciting. getting a bigger venue. i can’t believe i am filling it up so fast with new dresses.

You have more than one store, can you tell us a bit about them?

They include my creations as well as my creator Trixter Swordthain. He makes the toys and I make the dresses. lol. It is just being creative and seeing what I can come up with in the way of designs.
when i get stuck and can’t think of anything to do, i like to wander around and see what i can find. that is how I found the skirt for that I used in the NSA hunt.

What has your main inspiration been when designing your items?

Dollies in general. I try to make them unique but still appealing to any kinds of dollies. I love steampunk so that is a major influence.

Could you tell us a bit about the Dolly Culture with in Second Life?

As with anything it has a wide variety of dollies. I am a geardriven porcelain wind up dolly. Some dollies are owned, some dollies are independent. there are wonderful goth dollies and lolita. You can pretty much be any type of dolly you want. I have met a few abandon dollies and dead dollies. they got for the more grunge look. a bit torn up maybe.
it is amazing, because you would think it would be limited but really it isn’t.
Every dolly is different, it depends on the personality and preference of each person.

What would you tell someone who was interested in becoming a dolly?

That really depends on how much they want to embrace the dolly lifestyle. Do they want to have any owner like I do. Being a dolly, for me is about bein a companion to the person who owns you. If you want to be a dolly because the clothing is floofy and fun, then that is very cool to.

Are there any male dollies?

There are a few yes but they are few and far between, unfortunately


Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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