JC’s ZombiePopCorn Hunt Review! ^_^

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OMG, my first hunt review for the Torch SL Guide, how exciting! Anyways, I did the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. A Hunt that was not only fun to do but gave out the most excellent of prizes. Along with this review I have picked out my very favourite outfits from the hunt that I have done so far (Don’t worry I plan to finish it). * claps her hands together *, now the treats.

First, before I start, please note that these outfits were free with the hunt. There are some items in the pictures that were just there to make it all look good.

Let’s get started:

The ZombiePopcorn hunt follows the theme of zombies and movies. Duh! It isn’t particularly a hard hunt but it isn’t really easy either. It is the right level of difficulty to be fun and enjoyable. In this hunt (like every other hunt there is) Object view ( aka Perv Camming) is your best friend. The hints differ with every store, there are hints

The Mouse will lead you to the gift. PiNkMaReS HoUsE's clever hint puts you on the trail of a squeaky popcorn stealing mouse.

that don’t really make much sense, (but then every hunt has ONE  those hints) and then there are very clever hints that actually require you to use your brain.

I started the ZombiePopcorn hunt as soon as the clock struck June 1st and everything was amazingly organized and they were actually ready to start on June 1st.

JC you patronizing cow, why wouldn’t they be ready on the date they said would be?

Shut up, it does happen and it happens a lot more often than you think. There were one or two problems, for example two landmarks were down, but the landmarks were given to the ZombiesPopcorn group in a notecard so this meant I could just skip the next one. Putting the landmarks in a notecard is a bonus in my book, if a sim or region is down (In SL there will always be a sim going down somewhere) you can just continue the fun without having to wait for sim to start-up again. At the end you can always double back to the ones you’ve missed.

Now for my favourite bit, the treats. A hunt is only as good as the gift they give to us folk who don’t like to spend money in Second Life, and because there are so many of us (who are lazy or cheap as hell) hunts just become more popular with time.  I am half way through the ZP hunt at number 31, I love all of the gifts that I found, but the Torch SLG bosses would only let me pick 4.  So in no particular order they are:

The ZombiePopcorn Hunt is a thrill, taking you to 62 great Second Life stores. With little to no problems (apart from very laggy locations),  ZP will have you searching high and low for their little Popcorn Zombies  and you have until June 15th to find all of them.

For more info on the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and other Amazing Second Life Hunt that are happening in the Month of June, check out The Torch SLG’s Hunts of the Month.

Popcorn Zombies do make awesome Hunting partners! Mine is called Bruce Al’buttery 

Words by: June Carlson

Photographs by: June Carlson

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