JC’s Slap & Dash Winnings

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So I joined the Slap & Dash group, and it is seriously the most fun and addictive thing I have ever done in Second Life. Slap & Dash rules are very simple, the chat group is filled with locations of boards that need filling (Mini Mania’s, Midnight Mania’s and Slap & Dash), you just look for the one’s that are nearly filled as well as the items you might want, a dress here, jewelry there, jump on the landmark and slap the board and repeat!

Here is what I got on my first Slap & Dash:

Slap & Dash Winnings

From left to right:

A&A Freyla Hair Fire from Alli & Ali Designs 

Angel Female Face Tattoo from Alexandre Skin & Fashion

Sculpt Claw Pendent from Shine Creations

L$100 Gift card from Diana Homemade Creations

June Carlson

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