JC’s look at Imprinted Designs

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Imprinted Designs is an example of a store created out of passion, it is the brain child of Taya Carver, who creates

The home of Imprinted Designs

body tattoos and decorations for those who wants to add a personal touch to their bodies and their homes.

“My store was born from my lifelong passion of owning my own store. I played around with a few different things such as furniture and

photography before setting into Imprinted Designs.”


Imprinted Designs, is divided into two groups, body tattoos and wall decals/ frames. “The basic aim for the body tattoo side of Imprinted Designs is to make beautiful body art that is affordable and creative. We offer multiple types of tattoos and even take custom orders. While the wall decal/frames sides is aimed at people who would like to express themselves through the home.”


25L$ Body Tattoo 'No Lies, Just Love'

Imprinted Designs is aimed at everyone from any gender and every age group. Taya talked about what inspired her work, “ Artistic expression. I have discovered myself through making my items. I have learned so much and really enjoy every piece that I put up for sale. I try to think about my customers and things they would like to see. I take suggestions and requests to heart.”

Imprinted Designs’ items cost between 20L$ -99L$ but they also offer freebies. Residents who are under 30 day old receive free regular wall decals.

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Written By: June Carlson

Pictures by: June Carlson 

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