JC looks…well glances at Darkness Behind Close Doors Hunt

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So fellow Torch SLG hunters Rustwolf, August and I went to look at the Darkness Behind Close Door Hunt. I only got to glance at the hunt  I haven’t been able to finish the hunt because of some real life issues getting in the way, i.e. growing up and going out into the big bad real life world.

Anyways, I think the Darkness Behind Close Door hunt was pretty good for the 9 locations we did. A lot of the gifts that were given weren’t really to my taste but that is just one opinion in the thousands of people who have done the hunt and will be doing the hunt, but I can’t really say because I didn’t finish it.

Maybe if I had time to continue it would have gotten  better. I did however stumble onto number 61 which was xXxTreme and it seemed to have gotten better prize wise at some point because 61’s hunt gift was seriously awesome. The Locations were pretty cool and I really wish that I could have finished the hunt because it had potential. Since I don’t really have much to review I’m going just to show you my favourites from the locations that I’ve done so far.

This Awesome outfit is from Xxxtreme number 61 which I stumbled upon when Looking around Virtual London!
From Number 2 Avatar Bizarre, love love Avatar Bizarre always a fan and this one gave Male and Female hunt gifts, always a plus.

Well, I’m really sorry I didn’t get to do a proper review on this hunt, Real Life and Second Life always clashes but that’s life. For those of you who have finished Congrats, and for those who are still doing the Hunt, enjoy every bit of it!

See ya next Month.

June Carlson.

Oh. Special thanks to Rusty & August for doing the hunt with me….oh and my friend Jared as well he did it too.

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