Is Second Life Real?

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Is Second Life Real?

Well of course not.

Or is it?

Exactly how much reality is there in this wonderful place we call Second Life?

I am a regular visitor to welcome areas, often researching articles, or helping out some of those who get trapped there while not knowing how to change appearance, control their avatar or move to other areas. A common factor involved in the newbie experience is the lack of instruction on what they are expected to do. They often come expecting that there are specific aims and levels to work through as if they were in a computer game.

The big reality about Second Life is its mirroring of real life. Not all we see in a mirror is exactly like its real counterpart, but there is great correlation. The thing that all newbies (as well as us oldies!) must NEVER forget is that behind each avatar (bar the odd clever script) is a real, living, breathing and (usually) thinking person.

Whatever you type or say to an avatar on Second Life it may well be taken literally. Be careful newbies! If you treat the people in Second life like computer generated characters, it can lead to misunderstanding and unpleasantness. Always try and deal with strangers in Second life as you would with strangers in real life. In return you will find the vast majority of Second Lifers to be pleasant and helpful. In the coming months I am hoping to deal with aspects of this Second Life “reality” and to try and collect impressions that both newbies and oldies have about such things as Griefing, Linden Labs Terms of Service, Partners/adultery, Drama, Racism, Sexism…..and any other isms that rear their ugly heads. I am going to start next time with Griefing (online harassment usually as a “joke” but sometimes very malicious and destructive. If anyone has tales of griefing or being griefed, or anyone who has information that might be useful to newbies in particular, please email me at in plenty of time for the September Issue.

Ricki Fredricks

6 thoughts on “Is Second Life Real?

  1. If Love, Light and Life exist within SL – then the virtual world is REAL. Because these 3 concepts are the basic principles and elements within the Grand Universe.

  2. Of course it is real. Where ever your consciousness IS is REAL. We pretend to be only our bodies?? Please, we all know better, we know from experiential immersion. Virtual relams are providing us with an expanded canvas for our conscious creativity. Pretending it is not real = loss of opportunity & definite indication of a sleepwalker not fully humanizing;-D

  3. Let us not forget to remind the uninitiated that treating people rudely or trying to shock them (especially in the “Welcome” areas) and rationalizing it as “not real anyway” is exactly what the lower-class types do, while privately knowing full well they are affecting real people.

    It’s mostly established Second Lifers and not Newbies who spew filth and vitriol in those circumstances. The reason they hang out in arrival zones is specifically to victimize the new arrivals who don’t know how to get away from them (yet).

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