Getting Started InWorldz – Where is the marketplace?

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InWorldz is quite different from Second Life in many instances, one of the most common questions when crossing over from SL to IW is “Where can I find the marketplace?”.

InWorldz have something called InBiz, that is much like the Marketplace for SL, but works differently. Because IW is so young, InBiz is still rather undeveloped when it comes to the users on it. There aren’t nearly as many items on it, some users have put things in the wrong category (they do that in SL too, but the smaller volume of InBiz makes it more noticable) and there are a few items that doesn’t deliver as they should (still, as in SL, but more noticable due to less volume).

The last one can usually be solved with a simple notecard or IM to the creator!

To reach the InBiz, you need to find an InBiz terminal in IW and transfer some I’z. Most sims have at least one terminal, and if nothing else, visit our library* and we have one right at the entrance. You click on it and select “Register” to register your account with an identical on the InBiz website and you will be given the URL to it. After that, you can choose to transfer money to InBiz directly from your IW account by paying the terminal, or to withdraw money you already have in InBiz back to your IW account.

(* To visit our library, copy this link and paste it in InWorldz local chat and click that link: )

An InBiz terminal can also be found in SL, search for it and you should find it at Orpheum Island. From there you can do the same thing, but with L$ instead. This is a bit different thou, as one L$ gives you 2 I’z on InBiz and 2I’z withdrawn from InBiz gives you 1L$ in SL. (Rates may vary, these were the rates when I wrote this. I’z are stable at 500I’z/5USD, while L$ prices change)

This is a good way to transfer L$ to I’z if you don’t want to post your credit card details on InWorldz too, or if you’re expanding an already thriving business from SL to IW.

an InBiz Terminal, they all look like this

Selling stuff on InBiz is as easy as on the marketplace. When signing up for InBiz, you’ll be given your “Merchant Box”, this is just as the “Magic Box” for marketplace, you pack your items in a gift box, put the gift box in the Merchant Box and go on the InBiz website, go to your store and follow the instructions. (NOTE: You need to have the Merchant Box rezed in order for it to work, so you need a permanent piece of land in IW, just as with the Magic Box and Marketplace for SL).

“Is it safe? Someone might have made a duplicate terminal and steal the money you pay to it!” Well, there’s a safety measure in place for that. All InBiz terminals are put out by Anna Debruyere, the creator of InBiz. If you want to put a terminal on your sim, you have to put a temporary one down and she’ll get there within 48 hours to switch it out for a real one. To see if it’s a real terminal, right click it and select Edit (anyone can do this on all items in both SL and IW), check the general tab and if it has any other name there than Anna Debruyere, then it’s a fake. She should be put as both Creator and Owner of the terminal and there should be no Last Owner listed at all.
note: Minethere Always is now a manager at InBiz. There might be terminals with her name instead, those are also valid.

Now you have no reason at all not to try InWorldz out, so take a few L$, drop them in an InBiz terminal and start shopping in InWorldz.

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