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Rowland Larkham, previous resident of Second Life, decided to settle down in InWorldz sometime about two years ago, when Teen Grid merged with Main Grid in Second Life. He quickly noticed, as most people do, that InWorldz have a certain sense of community and to settle down in IW is really cheap. It didn’t take long until he followed his calling from SL and became a mentor in IW too, but he thought IW lacked a place to just hang out, chat and exchange ideas. Rowland realized that IW is global and it is always morning somewhere, so why not have a place dedicated to that first cup of coffee in the morning? Isn’t that when people are at the most creative and most talkative? So he opened up Morning Coffee Shop and it didn’t take long until the community started to grow around it. There are stores with both free and cheap clothes, scripts, furnitures… well anything you can think of, surrounding the little coffee shop and the coffee shop itself is staffed by a volunteer most hours of the day.

Mr. Rowland Larkham

It also has a great selection of landmarks to many newcomer friendly and interesting destinations, all of them from some of his 800+ friends, or 900 group members. There isn’t always a buzz at the coffee shop, but when it is, there’s a lot of people there.

The idea wasn’t all Rowlands doing thou, Elenia of IDI helped out too. IDI is a place dedicated to help people settle in IW and Rowlands was a mentor there at the time and they both noticed that with all of the people streaming in from all over IW, there wasn’t really much room to just relax, sit back with a cup of your favourite beverage and just talk. Rowlands opened Morning Coffee Shop with his RL wife Ziva shortly thereafter and have kept going ever since.

If you need to ballpark your ideas, get some help with anything at all or just want to relax with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, drop by Morning Coffee Shop and have a seat. It’s always morning somewhere!

Click here to visit Morning Coffee in InWorldz

0 thoughts on “InWorldz Destination – Morning Coffee Shop

  1. Morning coffee is a old group . When I first went there I was given a land mark and was pointed to a sign join the Morning coffee group. Then it dawned on me that was the only one and where can I find it. that said it told me there is special groups that are protected by the founders and I wonder why they do not let others put there sign up. In the defense of the founders you can put a free item up in the freebie store that has no script but you can have a land mark to your store So I see Instylez is Inworldz IWN is in worldz and Morning Coffee is in worldz and where can I find it, this is special treatment. By the founder and sim owner. it is Her sim owned by her and she can help or hurt who ever she wants. Waits to see the other scripted group join and kiosks for the other ones. special treatment go to there old friends.
    That said the largest sim owner there does not have a group join there.
    Well Any one want to have fun. Well this is a give away and i guess none of the other residents groups are as good as Instylez or IWWN .
    I noticed they took down the morning coffee group sign.
    so we all can see who Instylez is. and we all can see what IWNN is it is not user created. My point of view simple fact.

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