Interview with Sapphire Elementary School

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New Torch writer, Look Stoop, takes a look at Second Life education through Sapphire Elementary School. Speaking to Caress Sapphire, he finds out more about the School.
“Sapphire Elementary came into existence when I did a role play at Hillcrest College although the experience was great, it dwindled in attendance and dedication. At that point I decided to make SE.” It is said that the basic aims of the school was to provide a realistic, structured, educational experience for Second Life families and their children. Aiming to Enhance the family roleplay experience, SE offers daily schooling, living and schedules. They aim at families with children or children with families, between the ages of 5 to 12, headstart division aims at children ages 1-4. There is no discrimination on race, i.e. furries, elven, human.

“The main inspiration at Sapphire Elementary has come from me and my motivation to follow and continue with an initially vague dream that I made into a realistic vision.” I enjoy children and families who enter and leave Sapphire Elementary as they add to my inspiration. What I do is for them and their experience and enjoyment.”

Another great school added to Second Life’s growing population

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