Interview with Jenni Eros Creator of Aphrodite

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Another Virtual London Fashion Week Designer has step through the doors of the Torch SLG. Jenni Eros Creator of Clothing Store Aphrodite was one of the main participants in Virtual London Fashion Week 2011. The Torch SLG was honoured to interview her:

How did Aphrodite come into existence?

Jenni Eros

I knew from the very beginning of joining second life that I wanted to use it as an outlet for my creative energy.  About three years ago I began designing clothes part time.  Aphrodite has gone through some name changes and grown slowly but will always be a way for me to design and create beauty.

What are the basic aims of Aphrodite?

My partner came up with a slogan for Aphrodite…”bringing out the godess in you”.  To me this label is about helping women feel beautiful and trendy at a reasonable cost.  This is why I will never over price my designs.

How does Aphrodite contribute to the newbie population of SL?

Since I have been designing for three years, Aphrodite has many older items.  I have placed these older items on sale as freebies.  This helps the newbie population with unique free items to add to their inventory.
If you have a newbie collection, can you tell us a bit more about your newbie collection?

I don’t have a specific collection but i do have almost one hundred items priced at 0-1L.  Items include silks, formal dresses, silks, costumes, jewelry and casuals.

Are you clothes affordable to newbies?

Yes only 0-1L$

Do you have any up coming offers for newbies?

Soon I hope to put out a new line which means older items will go to the freebie rack.

Aphrodite clothes as worn by the Torch models:

Article by: Izzie Morgan

Photos by: Morphman

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