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The phrase, “Out of this world”, is given a whole new meaning when you take some time to visit and explore this wondrous sim –  INSPIRE SPACE Park.  It all begins as you land and see what appears as some sort of sci-fi control panel as you look to the North.  Now this isn’t something used to blast off into the galaxy, but instead its the “base of operations” if you will.  On the left side of the board, you will see a guide to adjust your sky settings to midnight, which is the recommended way of viewing this environment.  As you pan across to the middle of the board, that is the spot for voting for INSPIRE and also, where you can donate to help keep it going if you would like.  Finally on the right of the board, is where you can click to get a note card, that will show you the options for the residential rentals that are offered here.

Turning your cam, more toward the northeast and peering down a bit, will show you the TP that allows you easy access to the variety of areas that INSPIRE provides for your enjoyment. They have some extraordinary places here to discover, with a lil something for everyone.  Do you like to live in the moment, a lil on the wild side?…well then check out The Edge night club.  If you truly want to push your limits, why not talk a stroll around, The Outer Rim.  Of course you could simply relax and enjoy the ocean and great surroundings at Inspire Beach, but this is no ordinary beach it has a ton to explore.  So be sure to not just come to INSPIRE for the main attraction that you see around you, take advantage of everything that they offer and maybe you will stumble across something that even you could never have imagined.

When is the last time, that you can truly say that you sent your partner head over heels with something you did?.  Well with the amazing orbital cuddles and other floating animations scattered throughout the space park, you both can enjoy being among the stars.  Put yourself in a tailspin toward a planet, or maybe you would rather just float the day away, drifting beyond shooting starts and meteors.  These special pose balls are something that you just cannot afford to miss, if you are the type that likes to experience one of a kind, unique activities.  So when you land, just simply gaze in nearly any direction, you will find groupings of these pose balls all around you and even if you don’t partake at first, its wonderful to just sit back and watch others as well, the fun is never ending.

So from floating about in orbit, as if you were lost in space, to enjoying the relaxing movements of Tai Chi or Meditation, you will find that this place and all that it brings to you, is truly amazing.  So just hop on a pose ball, throw yourself down on one of the many seating areas or grab a dance partner for a one of a kind dance out under all the stars of the universe.  Simply gaze around you and at every turn there is yet another lil discovery to be found, but there is no worry here of floating away into space, unless of course you want to, with one of those many pose balls. Mainly what you can do and is highly recommended here, is to simply take the time to relax and enjoy.  Sit back and talk to the people around you, listen to the great music and maybe see if you can wish upon that falling star as you see it zip across the night sky.  Whatever you choose in all of INSPIRE’s activities, you will find yourself getting carried away in the great atmosphere and cozy feeling, even though it is the universe surrounding you.  So, maybe I will see you there sometime, because this place is one that draws you back again and again, with ever changing views and feelings of adventure.

Article by: Charmer Dreadlow, Wonderful Evenings

0 thoughts on “INSPIRE SPACE PARK – Wonderful Evenings

  1. Can someone help me with those questions?

    1- What is the recommended time of day (World setting) to enjoy the Inspire Space Park?

    2- What mythical figure is in the fountain as you walk from the Prim Hearts landing zone to the amusement park?

    3- Approximately how many exhibits are there at the ‘Splo Exhibition in SploLand?

    4- What happens when you click the red pedestal half way down the left hand side of the Sistine Chapel?

    Thamk you

    1. Hey Will,
      Thank you for your comments. Your answers are as followed:

      1 Recommended time of day (world settings) for viewer Inspire Space Park is Midnight.

      2 There is a Mermaid in that fountain

      3 There are 10 exhibits in Sploland, which I really recommend you take a look around they are awesome.

      4 It brings up a slide show about Raphael tapestry.

      Any more questions don’t be afraid to ask 😀

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