Imprudence Releases New 1.4 Beta

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Imprudence has just released their 1.4 Beta to the world. Imprudence is one of many open source viewers out there is based once again on the ever popular Linden Labs viewer 1.x.

According to the Kokua/Imprudence Blog, this is the second beta to be released and there are a few bugs that still need to be fixed. Another thing they note is that this will not have Mesh Support since they will not be using Henri Beacuchamp’s mesh for viewer 1 patches, and that they are working toward achieving that with Kokua which is their V2/3 based viewer,  though this is yet to be made public.

So Fans of Imprudence never fear for a mesh supporting Imp Based viewer will soon be here! For now, however check out Imp Beta 1.4

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