I DO Love Finding Random Hunt Gifts

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Since Steam has been doing these hunt item introductions I thought I’d give it a go. Up late at night, after drinking A LOT of coffee and with nothing to do, I decided to go walking around a few of my very favourite Second Life Stores. Although I don’t have any Lindens to spend, ( I know right? Shocker!). I find it a little bit therapeutic to do some virtual window shopping. The idea of doing a hunt didn’t come to me until I spotted the …. sexist looking hunt gift ever.

Outfit items from America Bazaar #15Very Important Hunt

0 thoughts on “I DO Love Finding Random Hunt Gifts

  1. Very cool Izzie. Hunts are a great way for new residents to score some really great free clothing, furniture and other items. As with everything in life, some of it is great, and some will find its way ito your trash folder. Either way, you’ll end up with a larger inventory of good stuff, you will also have visited loads of new stores and now know what they have on offer, and maybe even make some friends along the way.

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