Hunts of the Month: May

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New month, new hunts! Here’s all the hunts we have found so far for the month of May.

And we want to tip you about the Hunters Group, a group for ALL the gridwide hunts in SL!

Dark Future Hunt (15th May -June 15th) 

Sponsors: +DV8+, }Edge of Sanity{ , .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:., *Bad Juju*

Starting location: *Bad Juju*


Group: secondlife:///app/group/ec2ed3dc-12d4-e7df-cd43-c2cc95c7c1cf/about

From Mad Max to Matrix to Tank Girl, all apocalyptic goodies.

Nature Spring Blossom Hunt (1st May-31st May) 

Starting Location: Pirate’s Boulevard, Fire

Blog: Hints are posted here

Group (copy and post it in SL local, then click the link in chat history): secondlife:///app/group/49bd3b54-9410-53a3-565a-e2f00270b452/about

The NH Spring Blossoms is about the Spring season, new beginnings, cheerful and happy things.
A happy hunt for happy hunters!

His Style Hunt (May 1st to may 31st)

Starting Location: ::Eclectic Firefly:

His Style Blog

Group: secondlife:///app/group/1e8d3586-831f-5a70-db1f-459a893e1f26/about

Join us for a month of male oriented fashion, accessories and more as we kick off the inagural of the His Style group. Stick around after the hunt to continue to receive sales notifications and offers from vendors who make stuff for the guys.

The Lazy Daisy Hunt (May 1st-31st)

Start point

The Lazy Daisy Hunt is all about summer.  Summer clothes… the list goes on.

Love of Spring Hunt (April 30th – May 30th)

Start point

There will be several designers and stores that you will visit along the way. Be sure to check out their amazing stuff and enjoy the prizes along the way.

Titillating Tatas Hunt (May 1st- 31st)

Start Point

The Tittilating tatas hunt started like all my hunts as a joke and then grew more serious especially when one of my friends and fellow storekeepers began assisting me with the project.  It is meant to be fun, campy, and sexy and will run from may 1st through the 31st.

Darkness Inside Hunt (May 7th – June 7th)

Start Point


Group: secondlife:///app/group/b99da56d-533c-eba6-734c-c9244fd7ca0a/about

Hand-picked stores comprise our hunt featuring merchants from PG, Mature and Adult sims.

Please Note: This Hunt goes into Adult Sims, Hunter need to be age verified to enter these sims. Visit the SL Website to find out more about Age verification.

SL Egg Hunt (April 22nd – May 22nd)

Start Point


The hunt provides widespread exposure to Second Life merchants and a fun, competitive pass-time for players with frequent big $L prizes.

The Zombie Hunt (May 01st-May 28th) 

Are you a keen Zombie Killer? Then this Hunt may be for you.

Wanna get into the Z-hunting? Check out the website.

Zombie Hunt Blog 

The Perfect Couple Hunt (May 01st -May 31st) 

A Hunt for couples, this is the perfect couple hunt, presented to you all by JK Studios and Marcel’s Beautiful World.

Perfect Couple Hunt Blog

Start Point 

CAW Hunt for Life (May 16th- July 16th) 

The Hunt for Life is a Fantasy / Roleplay themed hunt with awesome stores taking part and fantastic prizes!! The Hunt for Life is being run as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life Second Life.

CAW Blog 

Start Point 

Please Note: You will need a HUD to take part in this Hunt, the HUD is provided by the Hunt Organizers. 

Summer Nights (May 2nd – June 3rd)

Spring/summer themed hunt.

Group: secondlife:///app/group/891fec81-a775-fae5-8184-6ede02fe7de4/about


Starting Point: Atooly

Mothers Day Hunt

A hunt for mommy


Start point: True21

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