Hunts of the Month: April

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So there is more than one hunt going on in the month of April and we know that you all are into different kind of things. So we decided to give you all of the hunts that are on this Month, so you can pick which ever you want when ever you want.

Mix and Match Hunt

For fashion freaks every where.

Date starts & ends: April 1st -May 1st 2011

SL group (Copy & paste in local chat inworld): secondlife:///app/group/224952e3-0d8e-cc78-77ac-de894dd5b097/about

Mix & Match Blog

Mix & Match Starting Point: [American Bazaar]

Wicked Hunt

tattoos, piercings and clothes

Dates: April 1 – May 1

Wicked Hunt Blog

Wicked Hunt starting point: [Wicked Tattoos]

Cover My Furry Butt

Made for furries, but with lots of goodies for everyone

Dates: april 1 – april 30

CMFB group (copy and paste in local inworld): secondlife:///app/group/560ad49a-4d1d-9a92-9056-7b09fc7565f8/about


CMFB Starting Point: [DERP]

Balloon Hunt

Starting Date: April 1st to May 1

Group: Dreamers, Drink Deeply Dream

SL Group: secondlife:///app/group/ef3da3f7-9d58-c46a-b2a1-2f58f63aaa62/about

Starting point: Dreamer Oasis Club

Hint Website

Notice: Dreamers, Drink Deeply & Dream also have the Diamond Hunt, and the Coffee Hunt.

The Stash Bash

Starting Date
: April 20th-30th 2011

SL Group: secondlife:///app/group/68041422-c2f7-c5fb-3722-6bd3dac44a70/about

Starting location: Mudhoney- Furniture, Prefab & Decor

We will add more as we come across them so keep posted.

The Golden Linden Dollar Hunt

25 giftboxes and 3 Golden Linden Dollars that awards 500L$ if found

Landmark to the sim: [Ariadne]

BOSL Spring Hunt

Held by Renaissance Galleria

Landmark to the starting point: [Renaissance Galleria]

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