Ho::Wear to xXxtreme

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Sexy sassy clothes for women by women, you never have to look very far for good quality clothes that don’t have to break the bank. Clothes from two of the greatest fashion designers in Second Life. These are amazing clothes from HO:.Wear and xXxtreme:

Andy ‘Bubbles’ P is modelling, (left) xXxtreme Hottie, Price: L$ 25 and Ho:.Wear One Piece Diamond, Price: L$ 50.

Val is modelling Ho:.Wear Ride Like the Wind, Price: L$50 and xXxtreme’s Cheyenna (Green)

BreeElle is modelling xXxtreme’s Diamond Girl Grey ( L$0 off the board but original is L$150) and HO:.Wear’s Zealous White  L$ 25.

Beautiful clothes by beautiful women, modeled by beautiful women for the beautiful women of Second Life. Interested in checking out the stores? xXxtreme & Ho Wear, You can also check out the blog for Ho::Wear and online store.

Enjoy ^_^

Special Thanks: Andy ‘Bubbles’ P, Valkyrie Storm and BreeElle Adored. Stop by their Second Life Profiles and Show them some love!


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