How Second Life Changed My Life

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How Second Life Changed My Real Life

I have been thinking about the things that have happened since I started playing second life. When I first started playing Second life it was just a game to play. As I spent more time on this game I found that it wasn’t just a game but place to have fun and learn about people not just from other countries but those right here in the United States. I am always surprised that so many people are against people being in Second Life and I believe that is because the people who say that are just not aware of the wonderful benefits of being able to get to meet so many different people. I was able to talk with my uncle who has been on the game longer than me and he said that if it was not for Second Life he would not have found his wife and he would not have all the fabulous friends and family that he has now. I also asked my Second Life mother what she loved about the game and she said that she loved the fact that she could get to me and my siblings as children. Second Life even made it possible for me to find the love of my life on it. I would not be where I am no if it had not been for the great world of Second Life.

Second life allows people who in Real Life would can’t walk, or maybe have a fear of leaving their home also known as agoraphobia, this is a wonderful way for them to be able to meet other people or even learn about things. In Second life you can do anything that you can do in the real world only you don’t have the restraints of physics so you can fly or become anything you wish like being a  little kitty or Neko, becoming a dog or an Inu, you can be anything even a furry. People look around and say will this world is boring, usually people who don’t know much about it and maybe have only stayed in the world for a very short time. If they had taken the time to get a better understanding of the Second life world they would better understand that the Second Life world is much more than just pixels and programing but a world full of adventure and history, full of learning and even love. Second life is not just a computer generated world but place for everyone because you are accepted for how you are no matter what you are. You can be anything that makes you happy.

Well this has been another article just for you by Kitty. If you need advice please let me know I will be happy to help you out. Look me up in Second Life under KittySmiles Soulstar drop me a notecard or an IM and I will contact you as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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