Hidden Gems: T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club

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T1 Radio & Legend's Rock Club Beach
T1 Radio & Legend’s Rock Club Beach

On this week’s Hidden Gems, we will explore the home sim of T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club.  Legends Rock Club, created in 2005, is one of the oldest and first clubs of Second Life. T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club is owned and operated in Second Life by Trade1 Whiplash and  Nuala Maracas.

I was able to catch up with Trader who gave me the history of Legends. “We have had 2 names. We opened in June 2005 as the Warehouse and 2 years later we rebuilt the place and Renamed it LEGENDS.  We were in one of the first Island Sims.. Rue dAlliez until Nov 2011 when Nuala maracas (my partner in T1 & LEGEND) bought our own sim, Arinultra Cay and moved there”, explained Trader. The quiet sim features a formal Club, a pier, and a great beach to soak up some sun.

Legends Rock Club
Legends Rock Club

Legends is open 24/7 and anyone is welcome to dance and enjoy the music while there is not a live event ongoing. You can catch live events  every day from 5pm to 7pm slt. Contests include Trivia Thursdays,  either a hot club wear or formal contest on Fridays,  and Sexy Saturdays. The club is also open late on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm slt. One can find some well known djs at Legend. Below is the current DJ schedule:

Mon: Nuala Maracas (Rock n Roll Stew)
Tues: Dee Wolfe (Rockin the 80s)
Wed: Trader (Rockin Happy Hour)
Thurs: Madelyn Majestic (Mady’s Music Mayhem)
Friday: Fiz Underwood (Friday Heat) Scott Criss (The Meltdown)
Sat: Fuzzball Ortega (Sat Nite Dance Party)
Sunday: Trader1 Whiplash (The Time Machine – 60s)

T1 Radio plays a variety of music including classic Rock, with a mix of rocking country, disco, current rock blues and jazz. The radio station streams 24/7 and you can listen to the great channel in or out of Second Life.  T1 Radio is also the “voice” of Relay for Life of Second Life, with the weekly Relay Rap show being broadcast and streamed live every Sunday from 330 pm slt to 430 pm slt. In addition to Relay Rap, the sim is home to the Relay Rockers Relay for Life Team, which has been relaying in Second Life for 9 years in a row and is the oldest Relay for Life of Second Life team.

Relay Rap Stage
Relay Rap Stage

Trader summed up this great location in his own words, ” We like to consider ourselves the friendliest club in SL.  Our hosts welcome everyone and are willing to help anyone who needs it”.

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