Hidden Gems of Second Life: The HangOut @ Butler’s Wharf

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The HangOut @ Butler's Wharf
The HangOut @ Butler’s Wharf

Welcome to the first article in our new series, Hidden Gems of Second Life. Hidden Gems will spotlight locations throughout Second Life that are cool, fun, and friendly, but well hidden in the many sims of Second Life. Our first Hidden Gem is The HangOut @ Butler Wharf.

The HangOut is owned and operated by avatar Janis Short for almost 3 years.  I was able to catch up with Janis, during one of The HangOut’s unique and fun sets.

Janis Short, owner and operator of The HangOut

Janis described the club as” A labor of love. A tiny club with a breathtaking view of Tower Bridge. This is the little engine that could. We started small with small dreams. Today, we have a great crowd, wonderful dj’s and a magical space where you can just ‘hang out’. Wander the HangOut… there are three levels of amazing and intimate corners to kiss and talk. Enjoy great British radio 24/7.  Let the HangOut be YOUR HangOut!”

If you teleport into The HangOut, you may find yourself in the middle of Alice in Wonderland or on the set of that 1970’s Show!

Alice in Wonderland Fun at The HangOut
That 70’s Show themed event

The club currently does many themes and changes the dancefloor to match the theme of the day. Music at The HangOut ranges from contemporary to your favorite classic tunes.

As I was visiting The HangOut, I noticed a cool retro lounge and a  London themed outside decor, complete with a Mini Cooper. Janis summed up this awesome location best when she said, “I’ve turned the club into ready steady go, American bandstand, Brighton pier, the beach all sort of stuff.”

The HangOut @ Butler’s Wharf is open on Mondays from 1 pm slt to 3 pm slt, Wednesdays from 12 pm slt to 2pm slt and on Saturdays from 12 pm slt to 2pm slt. Schedule a visit to The HangOut and check out the club’s official Facebook page, you might find a photo of yourself grooving!

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