Here Comes the Bride: An SL Wedding

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A few weeks ago I introduced the Weddings of Second Life, now its time to show what a Second Life Wedding looks like and how to get one. Of course you need to be engaged to be married first of all and you can’t do that without being an Second Life Relationship. If you haven’t realized yet time in Second Life moves fast and as soon as you first that special someone you share a connection with. It isn’t long before you are asking her/him for their hand in marriage. Here is the Second Life Wedding/ Partnering of June Carlson and Smorkola Resident very much in love allowed us to document their Second Life Wedding. This is the Second Life Wedding that has been done on a Budget, using only clothes from the store Grumble Grumble and their wedding venue Eversong. We used the gift cards that are already available through the in store Mini & Midnight Mania boards which are available to Grumble’s ever-growing shoppers.

Grumble Chapel 750L$


As Bride and Groom stand at the aisle exchanging their vows to each other you can see that the traditional ceremony in Second Life isn’t much different from a real life one. Bride Maids, Maid of Honor  with the best man and grooms men with families on each side.

Usually the Bridal parties’ outfits would cost a bit more than 1000 dollars each:

Satin Cascade Cocktail Dress (Pink) : 125L$

Cascade Gown ( White) : 150L$

Taking to the dance floor the Groom men’s change their outfits for a more less formal vest suit:

Men’s vest ( different colours) : 85L$

Men’s dress shoes : 60L$

Complete suit (from original photograph) 300L$

The most expensive thing in the whole wedding is meant to be the wedding dress. Not in this one. It looks awesome and happens to be the second most expensive thing in this wedding.

Victorian Gown White including Veil, Pearl Necklace and open toe Stiletto: 425L$

We will like to introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Carlson. The total tally for their wedding would be (without the Grumble gift cards) 2455L$.

Your Second Life wedding can cost as much or as little as you want. It all depends on how much money you have to spend.

(Big thanks to Grumble to letting is do our Grumble Wedding!) 

2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride: An SL Wedding

  1. Just an FYI… there are some venues that offer low cost elopements and weddings of your choice if you do a search. Of course we all know in SL that every so often a business or sim closes over night, so doing a current search is needed to find what you want.
    Personally, I’ve visited many many weddings sites/sims over my years in SL. There used to be some really nice ones, but it seems those have all faded and left behind the lazy, boring, unimaginative efforts of those wannabe’s.
    There is one sim that far surpasses the others in every way. Weddings by Gia has the experience, creativity, imagination, beauty and flexibility to give couples what they want.

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