HeavenLy Rebel Bay Dance Club

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If you see this, you're in the right place

As soon as you land,  the music hits you and makes you want to dance. This is of course, Mikey and HeavenLee

Baccarin’s Rebel Bay Dance Club. This upbeat mix of every music genre from various DJs, will never leave you bored while dancing on the dance floor.


Theme Nights are held  , 3 times a day, with themes that surrounds “Best in…” All have cash prizes that range from 200L$-1000L$ (the more people that show up the higher the prize)

The lady rebel Heavenlee

Shopping Near every club you will come across in SL have their own shopping sims, and Rebel is no exception. So you’re lucky enough to win a ton of cash from the theme events, you’ll have some place to spend them. There are several different stories here and many of their clothes can range from 40L$ to 600L$.
IMSLSG caught up with a quick chat with Rebel Bay Dance Club Owner, Heavenlee Baccarin, “Rebel is a relatively new club, we’ve been open for about 2 months. We are a very newbie friendly club, we help them with all the question that newbies need to know like where to find clothing and AVs. The staff here are always willing to help by telling them where to find good shops and how to earn money in SL for example where to find money trees.”

Rebel Creator, Mikey Baccarin states that, “Music is a big theme on SL, If the music is good people will come. Rebel Bay is a good place to meet people”

Rebel is not only a club, it’s a shopping sim and is going through recent changes,

A true rebel, Mikey

there will be private party and conference rooms to rent, also a place for small weddings.


Hostess Jobs ask Heavenlee. DJ jobs, Host jobs, no matter how old you are training if given. More in formation see heaven


Rebel also offer housing/skyboxes for a reasonable price of 285L$/week as well as stores to rent at 185L$/week

Rebel Bay Dance Club, caters to all styles of musics and Avis within SL. Definitely worth checking out, even if you don’t want to dance.

Rebel Bay Dance Club

Everyone here parties, even the poofballs

Newbie Friendly: 9 out of 10

Music:9 out of 10

Overall Experience: 10 out of 10

Izzie Morgan


Images by Morphman the Clown

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