Having a Family In Second Life: The Clinics

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rocka byes_004 If you want to have the full realistic experience of pregnancy in Second Life, you’ll want to find yourself a good maternity clinic, because just like in real life you’ll want the best place to start (or have ) your family. There are several clinics in SL, most of which are a part of a role play family based community for example the Family Clinic of Gaines Estates. Others are stand alone clinics such as Mother Goose, Precious Gift of Love, Breath of Life, Natures Harmony and (sadly) Baby Kisses.

Instead of going into the different types of clinics there are I’m going to show you one clinic which follows the basic formula (no pun intended) that all clinics in Second Life seems to work with and what makes that clinic stick out from the rest.

You can choose the length of your pregnancy, from the shortest of 4 weeks to the full 9 months and while you’re going through this are places the make your pregnancy very enjoyable.

rocka byes_001Rock a Bye babies opened 5 years ago by Robinnurse Rowlands,a registered nurse in her real life from some where in the USA. RABB is a Maternity Clinic that is possibly one of the best clinics in Second Life (in my opinion). They bring the realism of Pregnancy In the Virtual World and does it in such a way that at times you forget that you’re in a virtual society having a baby. Right, going to say this once and only once SL experiences just like real life experience vary from person to person, I understand that there are many other clinics in Second Life and fit other people but from my experience in this world Rock A Bye is the one that would fit perfectly for someone who wants the real experience of pregnancy. I have been to several places some where good for what they were, and others seemed to be confused with what they wanted (Baby Kisses) but Rock A Bye has maintained a  level of realism and professionalism that is something that needs to be praised.

Robinnurse started Rock A Bye as a way to bring beauty of pregnancy into Second Life, dragging from her own experiences of having children in real life, she wanted to show everyone that having a baby, although at times a painful experience, not only depended on your doctor but also your surrounds.Basically, you might have the greatest doctor in the world but overall what you’ll remember is the overall experience of the place you stayed in for how ever long. While some Maternity clinic merely role play their positions, Rock A Bye only hire those who are qualified medical professionals  in their real lives. They bring their expertise into Second Life, so you’re not just roleplaying having children, you are roleplaying having a child with real doctors! They offer weekly prenatal exams, sonograms, Lamaze classes, a variety of delivery options and birth certificates.

It’s not all peachy and perfect at Rock A Bye’s because not all pregnancies are perfect, keeping this in mind, they have accounted for it by having high risk options. Okay not HIGH risk but low-key high risks like high blood pressure and diabetes in pregnancy it isn’t crazy but keeps RABB from turning into an unrealistic clinic where every pregnancy is 100% perfect and without  complications. rocka byes_003

Roro Underwood, the clinic administrator of RABB comments, “ I was dragged into Rock A Bye’s by Robin 5 years also and I’m glad she did because we are all a family now.”

Tinman Merlin, a Physician of RABB and one in a long line of men (there aren’t a lot of men there and it seems that when one guy leaves another one takes his place, it’s probably just the shifts) comments “ Well I was the first employee to be hired at RABB and I whole heartedly believe in this clinic. If I didn’t believe in it I wouldn’t be here for close to 4 1/2 years.  All of the staff are truly professionals and we all have a medical background.  We also have quite a lot of repeat patients as well,we are like a real family and take care of each other.”

The Big thing about Rock A Bye is the price, they aren’t cheap but for what they offer, it is worth it, not only are they giving you a great place to have your baby, they give you the full experience that is truly priceless. If you would like more information of their maternity packages, just drop in to Rock A Byes and ask.

Oh, before I forget. one more thing I love about Rock A Bye, the fact that all of the doctors, (a part from the men of course) are always pregnant, it creates a feeling of your pregnant for the first time in Second Life which can be scary at first, but they are going through it all too so it’s fine and you’re in good hands.

5 thoughts on “Having a Family In Second Life: The Clinics

  1. I agree with the anonymous poster here. I used Rock a Bye on 2 separate occasions (some time apart) on different avi’s and both my experience were far less then enjoyable. Missed appts by Drs, no consideration or empathy for missing the appt just the excuse of “rl” which we all have, but i feel like its a poor excuse when i am paying for a service. In conjunction with missed appts, and lamaze classes that were scheduled but never ran… i too had the issue of staff being on mic conducting personal conversations whilst i waited.The second time i used this clinic, i actually cut my losses and had the baby delivered at posh mommy instead – and the service there was impeccable. Overall i would NEVER use this clinic again… EVER.

    1. I am sorry you feel this way, we have, as Izzie said, used this service several times and we have not experienced the issues you have.
      Appointments have always been met on time, if the doctor that was supposed to be there couldn’t, they have always had another doctor fill in.
      I’ve only ever heard of 2 canceled Lamaze classes and both were due to nobody showing up and only canceled 5-10 minutes after it was supposed to start.
      Conversations in the waiting room is standard, even in real life clinics the staff will have personal conversations, but this is nothing that disrupts the work in the clinic rooms, since they are parceled off and set to only allow sounds and voice from that parcel. The talk in the waiting room will most often be directed to the people coming in, they always start by saying hi to you on mic, if they get no response, they’ll say hi in chat and start talking to you. If none of the people in the waiting room are talking on mic, they’ll have their conversations, just as in any place, real life or SL.

      If you have such issues despite our experiences with this clinic, I’d suggest you contact them and let them know, but I am quite sure any inconvenience was unintentional from their part.

  2. Horrible clinic….they all carry on personal real life conversations with each other when they are supposed to be taking care of you. I would not recommend this clinic to my dog

    1. I used Rock A Bye Babies Twice before releasing this article, and I never had a problem with the personal conversations that went on there. If you feel uncomfortable with the way they behave (personal conversations and such) I strongly suggest that you voice your complaint to the Staff of Rock A Bye.

      1. Not only do u get the most realistic mind blowing experience-Robinnurse is attentive and a caring person. So yeah sometimes u may pop in someones conversation but godsakes grow up! They are amazing over there and my pregnancy was amazing!!!

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