Having A Family in Second Life: Adoption & Child Avatars.

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There are many adoption agencies in Second Life, some are for Prim babies, others for Breedable pets, but the most popular of them are for child avatars who are looking for a good family. For those of you who have no idea what, or who a child avatar is, it is basically a person who is an avatar that is a child. We’ve touched on the subject with our little Kidz Korner articles that told the lives of Elisha & Kimka two child avis in SL. A lot child avatars are adopted into a family and with that, I wanted to write this little piece of Adoption in Second Life.

It is an experience, one that could go either way, good or bad. There isn’t a right way to go about adopting a child avi in SL just like in real life. In this world, respect, as I wrote about before, goes both ways and sometimes, since you are dealing with another human being, it can fall a part. Remember you are dealing with another person, and as time goes on, that person will open up and share real life issues with you, just as you might with them. While they are children in this virtual world, they might not be in the real world, I say might because there are child avatars out there that are under the age of 17. A majority of child avatars are in fact over the age of 18, keep this in mind, although they are children, they might not act in such a way all the time. Which brings us to this point, the does and don’t of child avatars and your behaviour around them.

If you wish to be a child avatar in Second Life

  • Please read the TOS, as a child avatar you are just that, a child and should act as one, although you might not want all the time. You don’t have to, but keep your activities PG. Child Avatars don’t need adult verification, keep your child avi in General rated areas. If you are going to give into your adult needs, make an adult alter character. If you are caught participating in adult themed situations you will be reported and could have your account removed.
  • Treat parents or parental figures with the respect you would want them to treat you, remember that they have lives that they would like to live as well. Give them time to themselves.
  • Take part in child aimed activities, there are a lot of elementary and high school roleplay sims around, it is fun to hang out with other child avatars and roleplay your family life with them.
  • If you do have parents, they may give an allowance or pay for your clothes, but don’t ask or expect them to, you can also have your own money.
  • Be active in adoption agencies if you are interested in being adopted. Remember to get to know the families first, all agencies do week trials,  panels only cost 1L$ and allow you to accept or like more than one family. If you are matched with more than one family, it is not a good idea, to have more than one family, it’s as good as cheating on them with someone else. You will be hurting them if you do so.
  • Have fun being a kid again, being a child in Second Life is one of the most fun experiences you can have in Second Life. If you keep it drama free.

If you which to be a parent to a child avatar in Second Life

  • Make your house Child avatar proof which means, don’t do adult theme activities with your “children” near by, if you have furniture that have adult themes in it, lock or delete them.
  • Don’t discrimate against child avis, remember they are people too, just shorter. Everyone has their own reasons for what they do in this virtual world.
  • Not all child avatars are the same, some child avatars have troubled pasts others may not.Treat them with respect either way.
  • If you are looking to adopt, be active in Adoption Agencies. Read all of their information, and discuss with your partner if they are right for you and ask yourselves if you are right for them. Parent Panels should cost around 199L$.
  • If you feel that a child you have adopted isn’t right for you within a week trial let the child now right away. There is nothing worse than a child thinking they will be adopted when they aren’t.
  • Be interactive, plan family events and take part in their school lives.
  • Most of all have fun with them, being a parent to a child avatar does have its good bits and when it is good it is very rewarding.

With everything that happens in Second Life, there will be drama, do not let it dampen your willingness to experiences what Second Life has to offer.Ultimately that is what it is all about, your experiences.

Remember everyone has a reason for what they do in Second Life.

The DeClaun Family

For the love of God please read the TOS!

by Elizabeth & Morphman DeClaun

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