Have A Super Halloween

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The Torch has been looking for the perfect costumes for this Halloween. Last year we were witches, ghosts and creepers. This year we decided to go the way of the Super heroes, thanks to watching so much of Linkara’s Atop the Forth Wall, from That Guy With The Glasses.

With our need to be superHeroes_001heroes for the month growing we decided to look around the grid and stumbled onto ( and by stumble I mean look at our Torch Jack O Lantern Hunt list) and found Heroes Clobber, a store that belongs to Heroes Nightclub, a club for…well…superheroes and super villains. Heroes Clobber was created by Abby (nightgirl destiny) and features characters from both the DC and Marvel universe, as well as the Heroes Clobber’s very own characters. Their costumes are very affordable, ranging from as low as 75L$ to as high as 200L$


Omega is a Heroes Clobber original. A mysterious explosion in a Science Academy changed the lives of 48 students who worked there, this is the faith  two of 48. It turned them into Omega. they have control over the darkness, and emits an eerie black fog, that will have you terrified. It is unclear if they are super heroes or super villains, but which ever they are, it is certain they are the end of all things.

This costume comes with a female version and male version and cost 100L$


Tau is another Heroes Clobber original, they were created from the same explosion that created the Omegas but while the Omegas bring the darkness forth, Tau brings the dead back the life, if you see them run as fast as you can, or before you know it a ghoul will be after you.

This costume also comes in a female and male version and also costs 100L$

There are more awesome Heroes Clobber originals waiting for you, don’t you want to find out the fate of the rest of the students?

We couldn’t leave out the amazing heroes (Villains) of the DC and Marvel universe, there are a lot of familiar faces in Heroes

You all know Steve Rogers AKA Captain America and Batman’s greatest enemy, The Joker.


If you are in a super mood, this Halloween make your way to Heroes Clobber and have yourself a super Halloween.

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