Harbor Guide pt 1 – Shylia Market

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Welcome to Harbor Guide, where we teach you all we know about Forsaken World. If you want to know more about the game, check our introductory article here.

In this first article we will go over the Shylia Market, a very important tool that will give you a lot of things for free throughout the whole game.

What is the Shylia Market? It sounds expensive!

The Shylia Market is a divine marketplace that follows you around, sortof. It is a menu you can access to “buy” items, but not with money. The Shylia Market will instead use things like Favor, Dedication or Devotion. Each of these are earned in different ways. Favor is what you’ll use the most of and is also what you’ll gain the most of. You gain favor for almost anything you do, from certain tasks to leveling up.

Speaking of favor, you’ll use this for more than the Shylia Market. For example, you’ll get footprint cards from various tasks, mobs or just find them spread around the world. These cards can be read and will give you some information about the place, and will also grant you achievement points (that can later be turned in for goodies), but it costs one favor to read a footprint card.
A tip can be to check what you need to do to get all footprint cards in your area while you’re there, because some of them require you to kill certain mobs and the game won’t let you get any drops of mobs that are more than 10 levels below you. If you don’t kill them and pick up the cards while you are at the right level, there is no way short of making a new character and level it up again to regain those cards.

The same goes for many materials you need for certain jobs. We’ll talk about jobs in a later episode, but for now, keep in mind that you will need drops from mobs to perform certain jobs.

To get to the Shylia Market, click the encyclopedia button over your mini map. The encyclopedia gives you a lot of good information and even grants you quests that will be your main tuturial quests. ALWAYS check the encyclopedia when you level up to see what you can do.

In the encyclopedia you will find a button marked “Shylia Market”, simply click it and you’re there.

Fig. 1: How to enter Shylia Market
Fig. 1: How to enter Shylia Market

The market might be a bit hard to understand at first. There is an entry in the encyclopedia for it that explains it for you, but for now, let’s check what you can get from Level 10 and above!
If you click the Gift tab and Lvl 10+ subcategory, you’ll see that you need to perform 10 main quests before you can unlock it. When you have done that, a button will appear telling you to unlock the Shylia Market. It appears at the same place the text telling you the requirements are. Simply click it and you’ll be able to get a mount, some coins and a bag extension to hold more loot.

Fig. 2: Lvl 10 rewards
Fig. 2: Lvl 10 rewards

A good tab to check every day is the Favor tab. There is even a subcategory called Dailies that will give you rewards every day, just for looking at it (and for giving away some of your favor).

Another good one is the Devotion tab. There are two subcategories here, one that will give you goodies just for having logged in a certain amount of days and another one that gives you XP boost and favor (and later even coins) based on how many days in a row you have logged in. This isn’t a small boost either, from the consecutive login of 1 day I have on the alt I used to show all this, I gained an entire level, from level 7 to 8.

Fig. 3: Tabs to check every day
Fig. 3: Tabs to check every day

Favor might sound like something abstract, but in this game, it is a physical thing. You actually keep a stock of it in your backpack! It looks like a card or a badge and you can stack it as high as you want, but it does require one free slot in your backpack to collect favor.

Fig. 4: Favor in your backpack
Fig. 4: Favor in your backpack

This is all from us today, but join us next time for more helpful tips about Forsaken World. If you have any questions, send us a comment and we’ll see if we can find the answer for you. See you in the next chapter of the Harbor Guide!

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