Happy 4th Birthday InWorldz

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March 31st 2009 was the opening day for InWorldz, today they celebrate their 4th birthday.

Unlike last year, when the birthday was celebrated with the first InWorldz Conference in Las Vegas, they have no official celebrations planned, but I’m pretty sure Elenia Llewllyn and Tranquillity Dexter along with all the others who made IW what it is today (including the residents, of course) still put on their party hats today.

For those who are new to the site or haven’t heard about InWorldz before, it is an OpenSim alternative to Second Life. In many way it is similar to SL, but it still have some key differences. One big difference is the way the servers are set up, allowing you a bit of more freedom regarding to prim limits and sim resources without affecting the performance too much. There’s also no fee for uploading, unlike many other virtual worlds, and it has a fully integrated import/export system, enabling you to build in one world and export to InWorldz and vise versa. Many people use Sim On A Stick, an OpenSim server that fits on a USB memory stick, for privacy while creating their things, then export it to InWorldz.

A new thing for this year in InWorldz is that they now have their own Relay For Life, following the theme of Colors of Hope, starting after the Second Life RFL season ends, in August.

From all of us at The Torch Entertainment Guide to all of you at InWorldz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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