Halloween Review a [YouTube] Channel: Dr. Wolfula

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Greetings, he’s your host Dr. Wolfula, and when he’s not punishing his Ghoul servant Ghoulash or playing a never-ending deadly game of Final Cut Pro, he’s at the Wolfulair reviewing movies, specifically Horror movies.

Who is Dr. Wolfula?

Dr. Wolfula is a horror-based YouTuber, in the vein of the classic horror movie hosts such as Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Count Gore de Vol. Along with his Ghoulish servant Ghoulash, he uses his YouTube Channel to share, analyze, review, and just talk about horror movies and horror-based content, such as Scooby-Doo and Goosebumps. He has a love of all things that go bump in the night.

Why do you like Dr. Wolfula?

I am a lover of all of things, macabre and horror, who grew up with the Horror novels, hosts, and shows of the 80s and 90s. From Twilight Zone to Night Gallery to The Midnight Society, to Goosebumps, I enjoy creepy tales. I also enjoy movie reviews and intelligent content, so finding all of that wrapped up into one person was a win-win for me. I came across Dr. Wolfula’s channel a few years ago, during the month of October. One of the first reviews I watched was his review of Friday the 13th, which I enjoyed, and I binged watched the rest of his content, subscribing almost immediately.

I love his humor, and he often catches me off guard with a chuckle. But what really makes me enjoy his content is his in-depth analysis of the horror films he enjoys. Breaking them down and exploring the story behind each piece of media. From the production back story to giving a walkthrough of the movie, he often shares his own interpretation of what is happening and what everything means. And you can easily find yourself doing the same with your favourite movie franchises.

Finding a Youtube Channel that has you thinking about the meaning behind a movie or work of fiction is a bonus, especially if it is a piece of media that you have come to love and admire.

Anything else?

Doctor Wolfula covers a lot of horror related content. Unboxings, Audiobook readings, and TV Show reviews. He even streams public domain horror movies from the 1920s-1980s. Ghoulash (all hail) also has his ore adult own show called the Ghoulog in which he reviews movies, TV Shows, and horror content such as Goosebumps, Scooby-Doo, and sometimes films etc. You are pretty much covered, and you will always want more.

Nothing is Perfect

I have one criticism, but it’s not a big one, because it is completely understandable why it happens. However, because I’m recommending the Channel to you, I have to let you know that it happens. For most Youtube Channels, scheduling is often a problem. Doc also has a similar issue. It isn’t that he doesn’t frequently put out content; he tries his best to do so. It’s that he often starts a series and then stops pretty often. And it isn’t because he isn’t working on videos. My joke about him being trapped in the never-ending deadly game of Final Cut Pro is true. Doc, like most YouTubers, is one person, recording, researching, and editing his videos, so it takes time for him to return to a series because he is often concentrating on one series at a time. Here is why it’s not a big issue: He will stop a series to focus on completing a month-long series first, before picking up on smaller ones like Scooby Doo’s days, Goosebumps Goosedays, Doo Talkin’ to Me, etc. He is also very good at communicating with his audience and fans when he has to put a series on the back burner to concentrate on a big project, for instance, His Aaahctober series, which is a big part of his channel. Nevertheless, even with this issue, Doc produces some quality content.

Recommend A Playlist or Series

Everything, if you have a love for the old Scooby-Doo cartoons, he has you covered. If you like goosebumps, he got you there too. If you just want to hear his opinions on the kills from The Friday the 13 Series, he has you covered there too. Seriously, everything on the YouTube Channel is horror gold.

If you like his videos, like it, but if you loved it, journey further into the Wolfulair by clicking the subscribe and bell button to find out when his videos and streams go live. Hope to see you next time at the Wolfulair.

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