Griefer – You could be one

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Griefing: The act of misusing available resources to ruin the experience for others.

Griefing is a massive problem in Second Life, but what many don’t know is that some of the griefers don’t know themself that they are griefing. Take for example the following scenario:

You are at a club and while camming around you notice a box under the floor. The box is clickable and has the tooltip description “Click me to rez”. What do you do? Most people let it be, or don’t notice it at all, it looks just like a regular primbox, but you decide to try it out. I mean, it’s there, in a public area, so it HAS to be for everyone to use, right?


You clicked it and the whole club derezes, apart from a few items here and there. You have now become a griefer.

Rez-boxes, helper objects and other scripted objects can be found all over SL, they are usually hidden and that’s for a reason. The owner don’t want you to find it, but there is only so much you can do to conceal it and still have it in the area it needs to be.

If you see an object that you don’t know what it is or what it does, stay away from it or ask a member of the staff about it. It might be another griefer that put it there, but it might be something vital to the place you’re in.

Would you press the detonation button on a construction site? Of course not, so don’t click strange objects in SL 😉

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  1. LOL. I do not know of a rez box that can not be set to prevent that from happening. The only surer way to get people to click on something is to label it “Do not click here”.

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