Goth, Cyber and Punk in SL

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Goth, Cyber and Punk culture is a big part of Second Life. Like in RL its a brings culture and difference to the world, challenging the norm while expressing their inner desires. There are a lot of Goth, Cyber and Punk stores  out there but there isn’t a lot of time to cover them all, so we’re giving you the three best ones (in our opinion) for these three types.

+DV8+ is one of the best in goth and cyber clothing stores that SL has to offer.  Their sleek, sexy, dark fetish outfits are awesome for those looking for something to wear on dark night out. Or even those who just like the twisted flavour of goth fashion.
Even the store itself, screams the uber ideals of goth culture with its black walls and floors. The music, from the industrial genre, gives you a feeling a darkness but still makes you want to dance around like a mad avi.

The Torch SLG, got an exclusive interview with the brains behind +DV8+ and listened intently as he told us about +DVB+… a notecard.
How did DV8 come into existence?

+DV8+ formed After Vasha Martinek and I had smaller stores on our own and decided to join together in a project. We were avidly into the goth industrial and cyber goth scene and couldn’t find clothes that were still cyber goth but still made the avatar look sexy and dark at the same time. We started with some accessories and hairs and them moved on to clothes. After two years we’ve grown considerably in size and even deviated from just cyber and latex to a quite expansive velvet and goth line as well.

What are the basic aims of DV8?

We want to make clothes and accessories that express some of our darker and sexier thoughts and set them at a price that is reasonable for everyone to buy. By having a large selection of styles and colors we hope that there is something for everyone, and seeing that we keep to the same basic colors that we use it’s very possible to mix and match outfits and for them to look like they were made for each other.

How does DV8 contribute to the newbie population of SL?

Dysturbed Sin

We are always offering cheap deals and even free gifts for people who belong to the +| DV8 Deviants |+ group (free to join). Along with a large selection of freebies that we keep in out in our “Riot Room”. We also have luck chairs, Riotvends (that always go down to L$25) as well as several other games. There is also a fishing pond for people can fish for items in the pond and it just takes more time than money but we also offer the individual pieces for L$25 for those exceptionally hard to catch items.

Can you tell us a little about the Twisted Hunt that you are hosting this month?

Twisted Hunt is our biannual hunt that included several of the best (Dark and Twisted) creators on the Grid. The prizes are always way beyond what one would expect from a hunt. I’ve seen items that normally sell for thousands of lindens as gifts on the Twisted Hunt. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not an easy hunt, but the rewards are well worth it. The Twisted Hunt group is always giving out hunt item clues as they are updated. Even though this is a hunt it is much more than just finding prizes. This is a community and sometimes its a way for people to get to meet people and an exceptional way to meet new friends. Even though we know that this hunt is difficult we encourage people to go on the hunt and still chat in the group. Maybe even form parties to go hunting together in. There’s nothing like a large mass of people having a great time invading sims all together.  We also know that some times people get frustrated at a certain location so we have every location and slurl on the website. This month is one that we are particularly proud of because the theme is “Nevermore” and we have seen some great gifts and some astonishing enthusiasm from the creators, many have even altered their stores to coincide with the hunt.

The hunt is truly the hardest Hunt in SL, Torch spent a little over an hour looking the first box and couldn’t find it. Eventually we just gave up.

Newbie Friendly: 8/10 (Friendly group to help out newcomers as long with rooms that cater for them too.)

Music: 8/10 ( awesome industrial music but it has to be your taste)

Lag: 10/10 ( Unbelievable Laggy!)

Clothes: 9/10 (Amazing clothes that fit within the goth and cyber genre Love it!)

Overall Experience: 8 out 10 (The lag is crazy…but for some reason I just keep going back!)

Don’t DV8

Samples of DV8 clothes from the bargain bunker:

Legacy, inspired by the new Tron movie, includes pants, shirt, boots and a disc that attaches to the back, all for 100L$
Cleric comes with shirt and pants with optional braces and choker. The boots are sold separately at DV8. Both for 100L$ each.
Tokyo 2081, all of the clothes and some options, for only 100L$. The shoes are Danse Macabre, also only 100L$ and comes with a free posestand
Coat, shirt, pants with optional undershirt and underpants are Parade Merlot for 100L$. The shoes are Rivet Kicks, that comes in many different colors, each color in three different styles for 100L$



Sn@tch is a Punk Alternative clothing store that offers  glamorous and amazing clothes to fit your punk and urban needs.  As soon as you step out of the teleport you are greeted with a fishing hole, and freebie  corner, filled with Riotvend lucky chairs and even a Panda.  The alternative music that feeds through the virtual sky giving its visitors an enjoyable stay, while they are fishing or just waiting for their letter to come up on the lucky chairs. The teasingly purple walls of Sn@tch calls you into the store itself, while a map shows you all the sections of it.
Created by Ivey Deschanel in 2007, this clothing line shows diversity and sex appeal within Punk culture with its clothes being aimed at everyone who loves Punk Fashion. The Price range for Sn@tch is from 100-300L$ but the Bargain Pit, which is located at the basement of the store, is 0L$-50L$.  It definitely worth checking out.

Newbie Friendly: 9/10 ( Lucky Chairs, RiotVend and a Bargain Pit that is affordable)

Music: 8/10

Lag: 8/10 ( You go through the floor once in a while.)

Clothes: 9/10 (Diverse and awesome clothes that any one can wear.)

Overall Experience: 9/10

Sn@tch me up some Freebies

Sample of Sn@tch’s clothing:

Shirt, overshirt and pants are Laid Back and comes in 6 colors for the shirt and 3 for the pants. The ones displayed are Black-Faded pants with Red shirt. Shoes are Hustlers and comes with many motifs, this one is Union Jack. All of it is free
The dress is Little China Girl from Sn@tch and the shoes are Eterna Stilettos from DV8, all of it for free.
Bar Fly primdress for 50L$, Fleshbites piercing and Plush skin-tone that comes in a 12-pack for only 50L$
Roads to Hell jacket and Cheetah jeans for 50L$
This outfit is Social Leverage for a low 50L$




Torch touched on Sys once before, during Virtual London Fashion Week. So we really don’t need to go over  it all again.  For those of you who didn’t read the Fashion Week Articles, [sYs] is Cyber fashion, created by sisters Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse. their futuristic take on Fashion, wraps up our Goth, Cyber and Punk week nicely.

As you land in the Avant Garde shop, you find yourself standing in the middle of a futuristic Tron like universe, with the sys logo glimmering above your head. You are awed by the colours of light blue and greyish black as you walk through the clothing department and you are greeted by a familiar robot ( familiar for those who have seen the wall-e movie) called Gary.
While [sYs] is not the cheapest of the three stores you have to admire it for its use of the avant grade style. The clothes are beautifully made and welcomes you to explore a different kind of world. The price range of [sYs] is between 200-400L$ and with its amazing look and its mix of house and electro music, its worth look around.

Newbie Friendly: 7/10

Music: 9/10 (Love the music, it just makes you want to dance all the time)

Lag: 5/10 ( little to no lag)

Clothes: 9/10 (beautifully made, worth getting an SL job for!)

Overall Experience: 9/10, (They have a ROBOT!!)

Take me to the Robot!

Sample of SyS clothing:

This outfit and the one above it are two variations on Digital for 280L$ (shoes not included)
Oufit is Penumbra for 380L$, complete with Dolls - Evandelia ankle boots for 280L$ and Soundglasses for 290L$
Sentinelle for 380 with Spectron Soundglasses for 290L$, a black Legbag for 320L$ and Cold Fusion kneebots from Violet Studios for 400L$


Written by: Izzie Morgan

Images by: Morphman The Clown

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