Good Bye Your Favourite Martian.

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So yesterday I decided to check out my Youtube Subscriptions, going through my list of people I liked on youtube, but never actually got around to watching them after I watched one video. To my shock and horror, I noticed that the Your Favourite Martian channel had the message, ‘This Project As Been Retired.’ the last video being ‘ Alien’ 11 months ago!

Sad face.

A little history, for those of you who haven’t heard of them, ( which is kind of impossible unless you don’t have teenagers who spend their time watching Youtube.) Your Favourite Martian is…was an animated music band which was the brain child of youtuber, Ray William Johnson, of =3 Fame (a viral video comedy show which is now called the Ray William Johnson Show). It started in early 2011 they  have produced 31 songs, and seemed to be very popular, which video sitting pretty with at least 7,000,000 views or more. There were some good ones, like Club Villain, 8 Bit World, Orphan Tears featuring  fellow musician Wax and Fight To Win featuring fellow youtuber DeStorm.. Actually you know what. To say Good bye to Your Favourite Martian, how about I do this….

My Favourite Your Favourite Martian Songs:

She Looks Like Sex: uploaded January 18th 2012

This song features musician Mike Posner, this song is just crazy funny because it’s happened to a few people that I know, they go to a bar and get drunk, and end up making out with a girl thinking that they are really hot, but they actually aren’t. Yeahhhhh I know few guys who have been there. Anyways this song is very catchy and Posner’s voice is smooth and flawless. I forgot to mention that this is a remix to Mike Posner’s original song.

Santa Hates Poor Kids: Uploaded December 7th 2011

I have to admit this one made me chuckle especially the ending. It’s about a kid who thinks that Santa hates him because his poor since he doesn’t get anything he wanted for Christmas, but the other kids with money gets whatever they wanted. I can totally see a kid who doesn’t get what they want for Christmas  being angry at Santa Claus, thinking that he favors the richer kids than the poorer ones.

Nerd Rage: Uploaded October 26th 2011

I, unfortunately, know people like this, people who get so into whatever Sci-fi programmes or comic books they like. Who think they are always  right about everything and no one else is meant to have an opinion on that programme or comic book and if they do then they are wrong for some reason. I never got that and I kind of don’t want to understand it. I like this song however, it’s just highlighting how some people put importance on the weirdest things.

Whip Yo Kids: Uploaded September 28th 2011

You know you are thinking about this when you are out and there are kids running around and misbehaving and you are looking at the parent like…” I’ll do it for you if you want me to”. I kid of course. This video features musician Nice Peter and is really fun to listen to.

8 Bit World : Uploaded Aug 10th 2011

Featuring Hoodie Allen, this was actually one of the first songs that I actually started listening to over and over again. It’s basically a song it uses almost all the 8 bit games that we grew up with> It just lists them off from Super Mario to Duck Hunt. It’s very catchy and well done.

Robot Bar Fight: Uploaded July 27th 2011

Another song that can be found on my MP3 play list, Your favourite Martian does a lot of character references in a many of their early songs, This is basically one of those songs, it’s the third song in which they  list off Characters. 8 Bit World being the 4th and final one. This one surrounds the story of a bar fight that breaks out in a Bar for Robots, They reference almost all the famous robots from films and television, Bender, C3PO and R2D2, Rosie the Maid, Wall-e, the Terminator and a lot more feature in this song.

Fight To Win: Uploaded June 29th 2011

Featuring Youtuber and Rapper Destorm, is another list song, this time it takes on video game violence asking the question if video games make you violent by listing the characters from fighting franchises, like, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Orphan Tears: Uploaded April 20th 2011

Probably one of the most distasteful songs with its quite possibly offensive lyrics. ‘ Little children near and far don’t know where your parents are. Cry directly in this jar I will drink it at the bar. Sipping on orphan tears.’ Featuring musician Wax, it centres about three characters going to a bar and ordering Orphan Tears, a drink that makes you hallucinate. It’s a fun, very weird and catchy song.

Club Villain: Uploaded March 9th 2011

The first list song and one of the most well-known songs for Your Favourite Martian, this song has been everywhere, on the radio, on iPods and MP3 players, I mean everywhere. What do you think the song is listing? That’s right, all the well-known villains, from movies,history etc. From Charles Mason, to the Wicked Witch of the West, Catwoman to Jason Vorhees and for laughs, Chris Brown is added in there but gets kicked out the club.

It’s sad that Your Favourite Martian ended, but thanks for a year of music. It was fun while it lasted. Their videos are still up on Youtube, and I think their songs can still be bought on iTunes.

Note: Club Villain isn’t the first list song, it’s the second, the first list song is actually called Bottles of Beer and it lists the names of different kind of alcoholic beverages, which means that 8 Bit World is the 5th. You could also argue that the Stereotype Song and Nerd Rage is also a list song, but I didn’t count them as one at least not Nerd Rage, the Stereotype Song lists all the worlds Stereotypes. 

Also wouldn’t it be funny if the Zombie Love Song was used for the new movie Warm Bodies

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