Goblin Keeper Tips & Tricks

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We’ve seen that many out there really enjoy Goblin Keeper and therefore I decided I’d share the tips and tricks I’ve collected for the past two weeks since I started playing.


Friends are good, they will help you even without doing anything. You can add any friend on your friends list to any room in any of your dungeon to get bonus from that room. The more active the friend is, the higher bonus you’ll get.

Getting friends is easy as pie, you go out into the overworld, click a mountain (doesn’t have to be your own mountain) and click on an occupied slot. In the meny on the upper left side you can send a friend request. The player will immediately see that you have sent the request in their friend bar on the lower portion of the screen and can decide to add or ignore you with a simple click.

You can mark any friend as a “trusted” friend, meaning they can see your dungeons. This might be harmful with players you don’t know, since they’ll know what resources you have, but beyond level 14 most players have thieves anyway, so I’m not too worried about that. The trusted friends have an additional benefit thou, they can visit your dungeon and pick up your resources for you when you’re away, so you don’t risk losing any production due to full rooms.


Being in an alliance doesn’t give too much at the moment, other than the ability to chat and interact with people from other regions before you get to a level where you can visit them. You will however get a small XP boost depending on the alliance rank and in the future, there will be features added to the alliances, such as diplomacy between alliances and resource sharing between the players in an alliance, so it’s worth to get into one now.

The Torch have our own alliance, go look for Alliance Of The Torch in the Alliance Profile tab under Game and apply today, we’ll take good care of you.

Specialize dungeons, never generalize

I know this is stated in the tutorial, but it is easy to miss. There are many rooms to build, many creatures to attract and many nodes to mine, but no dungeon can do everything at once. To build a room with normal efficiency, even with a friend assigned to it, you would need it to be at least lvl 3, which means a 4×4 area. You get 25 tiles as standard per dungeon, with walkways to the mining nodes included, you can only have around 4-5 rooms per dungeon. If you need more of a certain rooms production, like the Library, you would need to expand it, removing a room to free up tiles for the bigger library. Mines will require many of your tiles, but can with little loss to efficiency be put on the walkways to the nodes to give storage to your minerals.

Don’t mine all nodes in the dungeon at once, this will just hog up goblins that can be better used for other things and slow down the general production of minerals. Instead, look at what you’ll need in the near future and concentrate on that amd transfer resources between dungeons when needed. To maximize the efficiency of a dungeon, you can opt to take out the food production on that dungeon and upgrade it in one of your other dungeons, then transfer the food from there to the first dungeon. This frees up at least 8 tiles that can be used for your library, guard post or mine.

Goblins are important

This is something most people know, but if you’re new at the game, you might not know how to get more goblins to work for you. You start with three goblins, which happens to be the limit per node for a lvl 2 mining room. There is a number of ways to get more goblins:

  • Research Minion Binding gives you a 4th goblin in each dungeon
  • Reach level 24 for an additional goblin in each dungeon
  • Upgrade the Den to lvl 4 for an additional goblin in that dungeon
  • Upgrade the Vault to lvl 3 for one extra goblin, lvl 4 for 2 additional goblins and lvl 5 for a whooping 4 additional goblins total in that dungeon.
  • One extra goblin per every 5 Goblin Village upgrades on the mountain (requires a LOT of resources, recommended for alliances)
  • Purchase a 3-pack of goblins from the store with RL money
  • Rent a goblin from the store for RL money

Remote mining

Early in the game you won’t be able to mine everything you need from the two or three dungeons you might have. Instead of having to remove a dungeon to settle in another one, you can send out a team of goblins to mine resources in unsettled dungeons. Send a survey team to check a dungeon for resources, when you find one you need, send a team to mine about 1000 of them at a time. This takes 2 goblins 2 days to perform, but it is way better than having to pack up and move a whole dungeon.

For this very purpose, it might also be wise to scout out new dungeon locations ahead of time, before you settle for one location that might not have the things you need.

Raid a lot and raid often

This game does give you a lot of down-time, where you’ll find yourself just staring at the screen, waiting for resources. Use this time wisely, raid a settlement or someone elses dungeon. Raids will give small rewards of resources and increase your XP and if you raid within one mountain slot of your own dungeon, it’ll take less than an hour to raid, so do this with all creatures except your warlocks (that are needed for research) at least once per hour and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to afford those new things you want so badly.

Read a book

Libraries are needed for research, warlocks are needed to do the research. Every dungeons library can use up to 4 warlocks for researching and the speed is depending on the number of warlocks and how big your library is. If you have tiles left over, use these for your library. If you have the resources, upgrade your library as much as you can. Again, what you need to do is specialize, don’t research something just because you can afford it, instead take a look at the “future research” tab and find what you need. Things like Lesser Stone Binding, that gives you an additional 25 tiles per dungeon, will cost a LOT to research, but only uses two branches. If you concentrate on those two, you will get there a lot faster and with more tiles you can expand your library even further and speed up the research even more.


Upgrade your rooms = XP Boost

Upgrading your rooms gives many benefits, some of them not related to that particular room, like the vaults higher levels giving you goblins and the Proving Grounds higher levels giving bonus to attack and defense. ALL rooms also gives experience over time at level 2 and higher. This is called “Experience Production Rate” and you can see how much each room gives by clicking their names here.

Experience per hour is just how much is gathered total per hour, just like with the resources, as soon as you have some, it’s available to you. This means you don’t have to wait an hour to gain the experience. For example, if you have an EPR of 6, then you will gain one XP every 10 minutes, an EPR of 4 gives you one per 15 minutes and so on. You can see your EPR by hovering over your XP bar on the top of your screen.

At the moment of writing, I have an EPR of 65, meaning I generate one XP in just under a minute, so it would take roughly 1 week (158 hours) to fill the XP bar completely at level 18 (10260 XP) from just waiting.

These are the tips I have for you new overlords out there. Do you have any tips to share? Comment bellow and I’ll include it in this article!

5 thoughts on “Goblin Keeper Tips & Tricks

  1. About remote mining…

    each goblin can carry 500 units of mined ressources. The more ressources you mine, the longer it will take. And for every 500 Units of ressource one additional goblin will be sent, but it won’t save time, e.g. two goblins mining 1000 units will be occupied twice as long a 2 times one goblin mining 500 units.

    1. That is part of the challenge, you don’t!
      You get more tiles when you level up, at the levels 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 19, 22, 28, 32, 38, 41, 44, 47, and 51.
      You also get more tiles when you research any of the Stone Bindings in the Dungeon Mastery tier, and later, when all research in that tier is done, for every 2 000 000 research you put into Dungeon Master Lore.
      If you REALLY need the tiles at level 5, you can buy them for RL money in the shop, but I’d wait if I were you. In 5 levels you’ll get a second dungeon, that’s 25 more tiles to use.

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