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A few days ago, I received this email;

Goblin Keeper Email

So Gameforge has decided to close a game that we here at the Torch did quite a bit of stuff on. You also seemed to like the stuff we did. At least according to the ever fallible view numbers.

I and Morph played it a whole bunch but I think both of us have played it slowly less and less as of late. At least, that’s what happened with me. It sometimes happens, mostly eventually, to online games. While it’s always sad to see an online game or service you’ve spent quite an bit of time with close is gates, you have to admit its had a good run.

From the beginning, Goblin Keeper has had a rather turbulent history just from it’s former form, “Dungeon Overlord” published by Sony Online Entertainemnt. It even ended up getting talked about by populer interneters like a certain Mr. Bain, (AKA Total Biscuit) back in 2011.

Even that wasn’t enough to help the game survive. That year, SOE sold the game to the the games developer, Night Owl Games, who said that they wanted to improve the game and keep it going.

This is were things get a little fuzzy for me. At least with direct information anyway. What I can garner from some digging is that at some point soon after the sale, Gameforge stepped in as publisher mostly for the EU region and re-named it Goblin Keeper. Then in early 2014, it was pulled from other sites and from Facebook, Night Owl Games folded taking Dungeon Overlord with it soon after, (apparently because of a lack of game updates if forum posts are to be believed) so Gameforge took over the game from that point on. At least that is according to what information I have found. Messy and unclear does not describe this area of its history. It feels like the period between mid 2011 and late 2013, in regards to the game, nothing was written down.

Anyway, from early 2014 Gameforge was the runner of the game and things seemed to go swimmingly. At least until now. Sounds like the game was to intensive to work on in regards to what they were getting out of it from what the shut down statement was saying.

…the game simply could not live up to the high standards we expect for a successful game. As a result, we wish to concentrate our efforts on fresh ideas and bringing great new products to market.

They do a bunch of games so they have stuff to fall back onto (some would say more popular games too,) so this is more the final end to the Keeper saga then the fall of studio or company.

The gates of Goblin Keeper will be locked on the 30th April this year.


8 thoughts on ““Goblin Keeper” Shutting Down

  1. If anyone is good at programing then you could possibly remake the game yourself in your spare time although it would mean you have to start from scratch as a mate of mine from another game i used to play by the company Bullfrog which discontinued its work he took up the task of doing a remake of the game he kept the aim of the game the same but upgraded the graphics and added a few new elements to the game and changed the game play to how people play the online version which is run by players so instead of it being a basic player vs Ai’s, its now players vs Ai’s that play like a player.

    So surely if someone has the skills to do this sort of thing for Goblin Keeper we can do it as fans and players ourselves we all ideas and memories we could all have some sort of input, i personally would love to see this happen but i do not posses the skills to code at any level.

    This may get my comment removed but if anyone has any ideas or thoughts or agrees with this and has the skills and would like to talk more then contact me on this email address which is my contact address for all other gamers where i try to get some sort of management over remaking of things, there is ways of funding the money if that is the problem but it may take a bit of time to get things up and running.


  2. all this time and I still have not found a reasonable replacement for GK, this is disheartening.
    Has anyone found anything to fill the void?

    1. To this point, haven’t found anything that was like it in style as well as format. There’s a big selection of app/mobile games in it’s ilk but mostly in the tap/idle style over the dungeon manager style. One that was like it (in a sense) was “The Epic Quest for Mighty Loot” (Ubisoft) but that closed down in October last year as well. Sadly, it seems that this style of game has gone with the times of yore. Passed on in the age of mobile. Even the offical “Dungeon Keeper” game pased into a tap/wait from the old manager style.
      If you haven’t already got them, the orginal “Dungeon Keeper” games (Win95/95) are available on Good Old Games ( that work on current machines.

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  4. Did you ever find a game like Goblin Keeper? Really miss this game. Was so close to getting to the Heart Of The Mountain.

    1. Sadly no. There’s lots of game like it, as in the free-to-play app setup, but haven’t found anything in the same style. The only thing that’s like it is the series it was based on, “Dungeon Keeper 1/2”. Can find them on sites like Good Old Games. But there isn’t an online multiplayer component to really speak off. The only DK games that does is the mobile game but it’s terrible with microtransactions up the butt.

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