Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

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‘ People See What You Tell Them To See….” – Isn’t Jack

There is a man out there, you don’t know him. You’ve probably met him once, but you still wouldn’t know he exists. He is a man who oozes charm and confidence. He could talk his way into congress if he wanted to.

You could stare at him all day and not know who is or what he looks like and once he walks away he’ll be gone forever. No one would ever know that he existed because –

He’s a Ghostman.

The Plot

Ghostman is a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping Crime thriller by new author Roger Hobbs. When an Atlantic City casino heist goes awry, the Ghostman, whose name isn’t Jack, is called in to investigate what went down. His caller? The man who orchestrated the heist. The stakes? He has less than 40 hours to discover what went wrong and recover the bag has gone missing. The bag with 1.2 million dollars.

The Character

‘Isn’t Jack’ is an amazingly complicated protagonist. He’s a loner, a master of disguise, a bit of a genius, paranoid, cautious, charming and confident. It is understandable that he wouldn’t go out into the real world and mingle with others, opting to keep to himself in his loft. He packs light and has several hiding places all over the world, just in case anything goes wrong he could just, in his words, ‘ put his hard drive in the microwave and be on the next plane to Russia’. During his investigation, the reader is given an insight into his past, he tells you about a job that went bad five years before, which he, as well as the mastermind behind the job, blames himself for. In this the reader is introduced to his mentor as she teaches him one finally trick.

You also learn about his relationship with the master mind behind the job. THIS job.


Ghostman was an amazing read, you’ll find yourself looking those who walk past you on the street, wondering if they were Ghostmen. The book shows that Hobbs knows what he talking about. It is well researched and well written. The characters are likable and you can identify with them, although you have to keep reminding yourself that these people are not the heroes. They are thieves and criminals. Nevertheless you will find yourself cheering for Isn’t Jack and hooked to all 60 chapters.

In the UK Ghostman was published by Random House Publishing, you can buy the books, in hard back, paperback and eBook on Amazon, the Random House website and any major Book stores under the Crime/Fiction section.


Note: I called him ‘Isn’t Jack’ because his name, although he is called that by several of the characters, isn’t Jack. 

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