Getting Started InWorldz – The viewers of InWorldz

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Just like Second Life, you need a viewer to get to InWorldz. Many of those that works with Second Life works with InWorldz as well, although not all of them are officially supported.
Today, I’ll just go over the ones that are supported and look at some of the pros and cons of these viewers.

InWorldz: Nothing much harder than the official viewer. This is the one that the team recommends, since they know it has all the functions they have released on the grid. It supports all the functions officially released, but some inherited functions from the OSGrid (that IW is based on) doesn’t work properly.

Available on: Windows, Linux and MAC

Imprudence: Imprudence is much like the standard viewer, but with some added features, like built in AO (you load the animations directly into the viewer) and import/export of builds. You can import things you build from SL, but not to SL due to LL TPV policy, however, most other grids support both import and export. It also handles media fairly well. The major downside is that you can’t use multiple viewers at once when running Imprudence.
Note: Imprudence Exp does work quite well with IW, but is not officially supported.
Available on: Windows, Linux and MAC

Rainbow Viewer: It is compatible with most features of InWorldz, however creator Boy Lane has gone on hiatus since July 2011 and no further updates or support will be made at this time. He might come back some day, though. Many people like this over the others for the UI and the controls, but it does not support the full size of prims (128m), does not have a built in AO and as mentioned above, it does not have any further updates. It does support import/export, but since it’s not on SL’s green-list, you can not use it to import your builds from SL.
Available on: Windows and MAC

Cool VL: Probably the most updated of all viewers to all grids, as it has updates almost weekly. The only one of the officially supported viewers that has built in RLV (Restrained Love) and implements a shadow renderer. Henri Beauchamp works hard to make this viewer compatible with IW and as such, it has support for all the features you’ll find in IW. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it has no MAC support.
Available on: Windows and Linux.

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