Gaming News: The Mid Week Call [10th April 2013]

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Well a lot has happened. So let’s get right to it.

EA Voted “Worst Company In America”;

Last [almost] sunday I told you about EA COO Peter Moore pleading not to called the “Worst company in America”. He failed. EA managed to beat Bank of America to be crowned, for the second year in a row, “The Worst Company In America” by the Consumerist. Beating the likes of Ticketmaster (in the semi-finals) and Back of America (in the grand final) with a massive 78% of the vote to be crowned withe award “The Golden Poo”. The “SimCity” release and “Mass Effect 3” where pointed out as particular things EA had messed up. And on that…

Bioware Had Control;

Turns out that Bioware had creative control of the games they make under EA. That includes “Mass Effect 3″ and Dragon Age 2”. “They don’t second-guess you, they don’t say you shouldn’t do that,” said Greg Zeschuck, co-founder of Bioware. It’s good to know that EA is not that evil and some developers have moments of stupid.

Virgin Likes competitive Gaming;

Virgin Gaming has released an app that lets XBox players play for cash. Not game cash. Not cash-but-I-really-mean-XBox-points. Cash. Dosh. Benjamin’s. Real cash! Available on XBox Live from yesterday, people only need to register on the Virgin Gaming website and download the app. Virgin Gaming themselves are having a competition with a prize pot of $100,000. “It’s a massive step forward for us,” said Billy Levy, president and co-founder of Virgin Gaming. “The time for competitive play  has arrived.”

Square Enix Faces 10 Billion Yen Loss in Restructuring  Efforts;

“Of course, we want to hedge risk in budgeting these units directly into the  forecast, therefore we base the forecast on 80-90% of the total sales potential  of each title. However, it is disappointing that our results fell below these  marks.” This was said by former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada. Yes I said former. In the wake of the finance kick, Wada will be stepping down as president and being replaced by Yosuke Matsuda.

The XBox 720;

There has been a lot of news about the new console in the last few days. Here is the run down. Firstly, the console will be released in November for $700 on a subscription model. I did say subscription. because it may be an online only console. So more paying money to Microsoft to use something you already bought. On top of that, the box may be backwards compatible. If you buy an ad-on called “Xbox-Mini”. Wether any or not any of this is true is another matter. Either way, the  rumors will be affirmed or broken on May 21st when Microsoft will say something about the console.

That’s all mid-week. It’s not much but here are some things that’s may extend your read time.

The last one may not seem game related but think that the director was meant to be doing, and is still interested in, a “HALO” film. Could be the first step for your fans to get your film.

Anyway, more on Sunday. And this time, it will be Sunday.


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