Gaming News The Mid Week Call [03 April 2013]

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I said I was back. Hope Easter was good for all of you, and hope the pranks where sensible on Fools day. Any good stories you want to share? Go to the comments section.

Now, as it has been Easter, Not much would have happened between Sunday [Yes, it’s a Sunday thing now. Makes more sence to be at the end of the week.] and now because all the game companies slow to while people take time off. It’s like parliament. So the call this time will be news that’s happened in the week. You lucky devils. Wouldn’t want Torch readers to miss out of the gaming loop would I?

More Thief News;

Last post, you may of watch the new “Thief” teaser that was released. For those not in the know, “Thief” was a trilogy of games that came out on the PC quite a few, but not many, years ago. You played as Garrett, a thief, in a gothic/steam-punk world where you had to stay hidden in the shadows and avoid the nasty men/women that wanted to have at you. So stealth was the name of the game at it did it well. 1st was good, 2nd best, 3rd dropped off. So it followed all the trilogy trends too. And now it is getting a new game. At first it seamed like a 4th game because a few images where they did the 90’s thing of changing the e with a 4 making it “Thifourf” Turns out it’s a re-boot. Lots of series’ are getting the re-boot boot and some turn out alright. Here it a new trailer;

Fans of the orignal may of noticed that the lead characters voice has changed. Stephen Russell’s tones are no longer in the game. My response. So? Looking at the trailer the new guy sounds good to nay-sayers, give the new guy the benefit of the doubt. And when you play this game, people might say that it’s copying/taking stuff from “Dishonored“. Well “Dishonored” took stuff from the original “Thief” from 15 years ago. So be quiet you.

David Hayter Is Not Solid Snake;

For those who didn’t watch it in the last post;

On the note of changing voice actors, there will be a new guy giving Solid Snake a voice in the new “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain“. Last week it became clear that the voice of Solid Snake over the last 15 years is no longer the voice.

He then trended on Twitter with fan out cry at the move. He was asked if Konami, the company behind the series, asked him to reprise the role in the new game he answered with;


On the 1st he made a statement. He said that he contacted the production team after he heard that recording sessions where being put together for ‘MGSV’. One of them went to lunch with hims and said that “wouldn’t be needing me” for the game. Hayter said  “If it were my choice, I would do this role forever” which is understandable. He’s done the role for 15 years, modifying and changing the voice to fit all the games. He ends with;

But the truth is — it’s not my choice.  Any and all casting decisions are the sole purview of Hideo Kojima, and Konami itself.  And that’s fair. 

And I’ll get by.  I am not lacking for employment on any level.

But I didn’t want anybody to think that I was intentionally abandoning them. 

And know that I will miss this job, and this character, very much.”

It doesn’t seem that he holds a grudge which is ok. There is already a petition going round asking Kojima to bring Hayter back and he is finishing a new film too.

Here is the new games where not much is known about them:

Killer Is Dead;

Hardware: shipbreakers;

The Last Of Us;

Injustice: Gods Among Us;


The ‘Game Developers Conference’, or GDC for short, was last week and the ‘Penny Arcade Expo East’, or PAX East for short, the weekend before and there was a few tidbits of news that can come from them. So here, in a one-off section is;

The Bits Of Information From GDC & PAX East That You Really Need To Know To Stay In The Loop.


Day Z” may be ported to the consoles after the PC release. Nothing in the books right now but ‘Rocket’ says why not.

Battlefield 4“. Go to the past post to see the full gameplay look.

The Ouya [The android based console that was funded via Kickstarter] was shown off. Lookie here for a hand one. Not by any of us! You know how expensive a ticket to San Fran’ is?!

The PS4 and XBox720 is out near christmas. Or is it?

AMD has new fancy chips. RADEON 7990 dual GPU.

Facebook games made $2 billion. BILLION! Not surprising there moving into bigger games like FPS’s and MOAB’s.

Activision heads to the uncanny valley. But does it make it out?

No news on the XBox 720. Microsoft are still gagged on that.

Compared to the Windows phone and the hierarchy to the operating systems talking.

Lastly, the big talking point that happened at GDC was the new engines. Most companies are making high-spec engines for the new line of consoles. Just go into YouTube and search for what engine you want, like ‘new FOX engine‘.  Or just search ‘GDC’. There are many and very long videos on there. Most of GDC was live on Twitch too so look there to.

So that’s the end of TBOIFGDC&PAXETYRNTKTSITL! Glad I’m not typing that again…

[Yes, I used a lot of TechRadar stuff but I can’t get in to GDC. Not a developer, journalist or can afford it. So don’t scream favoritism or publicity. Wil]

So that’s the end of the call. Glad I’m back?

Any game news I missed you want mentioned? Go to the comments and release it to the world.

See you later! Wil.

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