Frog’s garden, a garden where you can smell nature

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I’m sitting in a boat, listening to the amazing music of Chouchou. Around me is an incredible peaceful and realistic garden.
I’m located in a paradise inside Second Life. I’m in Frog’s Garden.

I start my journey in the little cafe.
Every monday from 4 – 7 am SLT the creators of this amazing place, Kaoru and Lycoris invite you there to relax and have a good time.
This isn’t a bar like you see most of the time. This is a great family cafe, where you can enjoy some nice cakes, take a picnic on one of the locations in and around the cafe. I love the terrace!
The atmosphere is warm and a superb location for young lovers, that want to walk and talk in peace. But don’t forget to look at the impressive work the creators made too. The realism of the textures and the buildings. Everything matches.

When you’ve relaxed enough. Let’s walk outside and enjoy this amazing garden. I take the steps down and am surrounded by a great diversity of different but realistic flowers.

There are many fantastic garden here in Second Life, but we want to pursuit our garden as realistic as possible.
I want to make the garden where even the wind and the smell can be felt.

And I can tell you, it doesn’t need much fantasy to feel and almost smell the flowers.

When you walk further you’ll discover two other amazing buildings. Originally Kaoru and Lycoris made just the garden, but people wanted to buy their creations. They decided to make a little shop on Frog’s Garden. It’s a great way to support this location and you’ll have a nice souvenir.

I continue my walk to the forest. You’ll cross a bridge and will walk underneath beautiful pergolas.
Enjoy the amazing waterfalls and try catching a nice butterfly for your lover. In case you won’t catch one, I’m sure your lover will accept a romantic dance with you too. Don’t forget to activate ambient sounds on Frog’s garden, because it makes the environment complete.

In the forest you’ll find a little favourite of the creators. The Deserted house. A lovely building that clearly is deserted, but still a romantic place to be.

Frog’s Garden is a perfect place for people who love realistic, romantic or natural locations. The scenes are well detailed, well textured and the builds are wonderful.
It’s a very nice spot for having a romantic time with your lover but also a great location for wedding pictures.

Kaoru and Lycoris live in real life in a country, that’s rich of nature. They want to bring this atmosphere into Second Life. They change the atmosphere during the seasons, to make the garden as realistic as possible. So it’s wise to keep a landmark and return to it from time to time to enjoy the new seasons.

Frog’s garden was born in 2008. The garden started small and was originally a private location. I’m glad they decided to make Frog’s Garden public. This place is really worth to see. You can see the creators love nature and like what they do here. You see the love in all their creations.
They get inspiration from both worlds. Lycoris grew up in the countryside. She remembers this as a place of freedom and space. She brings this emotion back in Frog’s Garden. Kaoru loves forests, beaches and mountains and likes to bring this atmosphere back in this paradise.
Personally I think you can feel all of it.
Their advice for builders who love to make a paradise like this in Second Life is clear.

Feel and observe everything around you.

For the people who can speak Japanese, 馨 makes a blog about Frog’s garden and the wonderful creations they make. Check it for more information.

This amazing place is wonderful in different windlight settings. You can download here a few settings I used on Frog’s Garden.

Thank you Kaoru and Lycoris for make this paradise in Second Life.

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