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Friday night hangout – Club or pub? | The Torch Entertainment Guide

Friday night hangout – Club or pub?

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This week has been stressful at the Torch, and I want to relax. It’s friday, and what better place to go to relax than a pub or maybe a club? But what to choose?

At the end of the very same street as the office, a stonethrow from Speakers Corner lies Coach & Horses, a small corner pub with a huge heart. As all clubs and pubs in VL, this one is owned by Virtual-Linked, LLC and in extension by Debs Regent, and the exterior is an exact copy of the RL Coach & Horses of Poland Street in RL London.

They have events every day between 1.30-3.30pm SLT, with a new DJ and a new theme every day. When I was there the other night, I ran into Mia Deluca, the manager of Coach & Horses Pub, who was busy DJing, training one of their new hosts, managing the contest and giving us all a great time. Even through all of this, she managed to answer the questions I threw at her 🙂

Why does London make for a good place to have a pub?


Mia Deluca

well being I am from the US, I not sure I best to answer that….But I would say because London has pubs…This one is designed after one (Have seen RL pics of outside)


What have been the main inspiration with the design?

well I was manager at another london pub that merged with C&H and the other manager (aarons) didnt like some of the decor and look, so between the two of us, we merged the two pubs and found colors we liked..some of the design itself is really the infrastructure person and not managers. making the decisions

Is this the only place in london you manage?

Yes  (this venue is owned by london sims, so aarons and I co-manage it)

Do you have anything aimed at new residents in your pub?

we do get a lot of new residents being so close to the hub…but dont have anything specific for newer residents other than some staff who have been on SL for a while (me 4+ years, one of my DJs 6+ years for examples) and are always glad to help out if and when we can with questions

What does the future for Coach & Horses look like?

We are always looking to expand what we already do here. We hope the future involves more shifts (currently open hours with a DJ are 1:30-3:30p slt) and as we grow with regulars, future looks like a great place to continue coming to again and again

However, it’s not every day you want to wind down in a pub, sometimes you want to get pumped up and party hard at a club. My favourite spot in VL for clubbing is Retro Grade. If you ever feel like stepping through the time portal and do the time warp again, Retro Grade is for you. It’s hard to see if their inspiration is 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, it’s a mix of everything.

I got a hold of Croft Atolia, the manager of Retro Grade, and this is what he had to say about it:

How did Retrograde come into existence?

it was originally the A-List and then  late last year we had a shake up and we decided we would become an oldies themed venue. so in february we decided on changing the name to Retrograde to reflect the music and style which we offer.

What has your inspiration been?

i grew up listening to the 60’s and 70’s so it has basically shaped my life. and of course lived through the 80’s and 90’s too. which covers 90% of the music we play. from 60’s to 90’s

How long did it take before the club took off?

generall straight away as we were  known well enough as the A-List beforehand

Crofty Atolia

Do you have anything to offer new residents?

yes sunday is designated as a noobie welcome.  a place  to come and listen to some music and get to know a few people and maybe make new friends on SL

How does the future for Retrograde look?

think it is looking good. there always seems to be new people who we have never met coming into the club and some of them go on to become regulars






Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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