Finesmith Muse 2014

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Finesmith, a great jewelry and accessory maker in Second Life, has announced information about their upcoming Finesmith  Muse 2014 modeling competition. The purpose of this competition is to find “the face” of Finesmith for 2014.

Below is the official press release, which you can find on the Finesmith blog:

“For the third time Finesmith will be looking for that one amazing stylist / model that will be the face of Finesmith.
One that is full of inspiration and is an inspiration.
One that has elevated style into an artform
One who’s ways are novel and innovative.
One who is able to wear the title and can rise above our imaginations as Muse 2014.
One who is born this way.
Every month will have an Inspirational Casting, where models are expected to style a look with Finesmith designs in a theme that is inspired by the jewelry and which tells the judges your vision and your story on the runway.

5 models from will move on to the semi finals each month. The one who receives the most votes from the judges will be the Inspiration Model for the following month and will have a set designed for her specially by Yula Finesmith. The winner will be modeling for the images that will go with that new design. Images that will be taken by various art photographers in SL.
To be eligible for the monthly Inspiration Castings, these are the requirements:

1 Join the in world group Finesmith Muse 2014

2 Submit one full body picture (1024 x 1024) wearing a mix & match style created using Finesmith jewelry (groupgifts are not allowed) to the Finesmith Muse 2014 flickr group by the first of each month. drop the application to the mail box in Finesmith main store- next to the contest ad.

Finesmith Muse 2014 – Model Application

MUSE 2014 Flickr group-

Each month models / stylists will be selected from the entries in the flickrgroup to attend the Inspiration Castings in a live setting.

Dates for the live castings are as followed:

May 12 – 10AM SLT
June 16 – 10AM SLT
July 14 – 10AM SLT
August 18 – 10AM SLT
September 15 – 10AM SLT
October 13 – 10AM SLT
November 17 – 10AM SLT
After the monthly Inspiration Castings, where 5 semi finalists are chosen each month follow the semi finals and ultimately the big finale.

The winner will be crowned Finesmith Muse 2014, win a cash prize of 20.000 L$, and all releases created and released in 2014. A fashion spread in BOSL Magazine (with 1st and 2nd runner up) and will feature on vendors.

First runner up up wins 10000 L$ cash, a fashion spread in BOSL Magazine (with Muse 2014 winner and 2nd runner up), will feature on 2 vendor photo’s and all releases created and released in 2014.

Second runner up wins 5000 L$ cash, a fashionspread in BOSL Magazine (with Muse 2014 winner and 1st runner up), will feature on 1 vendor photo and all releases created and released in 2014.

hope to see many of you
Lets have some magic time
yula Finesmith

* For any questions please contact
Draakje Dailey/ Chevia Johansson”.

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