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Are you a Final Fantasy fan or ever wondered about the anime phenomena? Well right now at 1St Act you can pick up 4 full avatars from the various games in a sim wide hunt – with a bit of patience you can find “Big Boss”, “Solid Snake”, “Lightening” or as I did…

Squall Leonhart

Maybe by now you are even asking, what the heck is Final Fantasy, well Wikipedia says it pretty well.

The hunt gift gives you everything you see in the picture except the sword – however that is free in the store separately and can be easily found. This was one of the more unusual hunts, on arrival you click the 2 dimensional cutout of the character you want to search for and you receive a HUD, you wear the HUD and then go looking for crystal shards – by clicking the empty slots on your HUD you get hints, you need to pay attention and follow them as they are invaluable. The unique feature of this hunt is that the shards aren’t displayed, you have to click items in the sim to have the shards appear, it makes for an interesting hunt but its not as hard as it sounds.

So today Steam is wearing:
Complete Squall Leonhart avatar and soldier sword from 1st Act.
This picture was taken at the RP sim associated with the store (where you will do most of your hunting) and as usual edited  in GIMP.

This was really fun and the avatar is pretty cool, have fun hunting.

Words: Steam Engineer
Picture: Steam Engineer

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