Fever Series Retrospective: Darkfever by Karen Moning

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MacKayla Lane’s life was perfect, she was a hot blonde with everything she could ever ask for. That was until she got a phone call that would change her life forever. A phone call about her sister.

The Plot

This is the first book in Karen Moning’s Fever Series. It centres around 22-year-old MacKayla Lane who is chilling by the pool at her home in Georgia USA, when she receives a call from Dublin Ireland telling her that her sister Alina has been killed. Hurt and angry, both from the fact that she has lost her big sister and being told by the Irish police that the case has gone cold and they have no leads, she makes her way to the City of Dublin, hoping to help the police uncover the secrets behind the murder of  Alina. MacKayla becomes even more determined when she receives a voice message left by her sister just moments before she died, with a cryptic message telling her that their life is a lie and to get a book called the Sinsar Dinah before HE does. During her first few days in Dublin, she realises that there is something very off about some of the people in the Irish capital, experiencing and seeing things that makes her believe that she is going crazy. MacKayla  meets the infamous Jericho Barrons, an owner of a book store  who offers to help her find the book, although MacKayla doesn’t trust Barrons for obvious reasons, she decides to let him help her. Barrons introduces MacKayla into a world that she never believed existed.

The Characters

Darkfever does a pretty good job of introducing its characters and setting them up. With MacKayla, you sympathize with the fact that she just lost her sister, even more so when she is thrown into not only a world that is confusing to her but a city that is as well. From the beginning of the  book you do realise that MacKayla is a strong woman despite being described as a person who is, for a lack of a better word seen as a ‘dumb blonde’ by the characters that she encounters. Her determination to find her sister’s killer and the interaction and distrust of the character Jericho Barrons, shows that she understands what she is getting herself into and isn’t blind to the idea that she is putting herself in danger and might end up the way of her sister, but she continues on anyway, wanting to bring to killer to justice  and also bring closure to herself and her family. Jericho Barrons is introduced as a mystery, and continues as such. Readers might be following MacKayla’s story but will stay to uncover who is Jericho Barrons. In the book he is described a cold and uncaring, and clearly using MacKayla to get to the this book, but by the end he seems to be fighting with himself…although there are four other books in this series.

There are characters  that are introduced who you might have to think twice about, some you will  grow to love and grow to loath.

Darkfever is a perfect start to the Fever Series, introducing characters and a plot that will suck you in. It sets up the characters and begins the story, focusing on MacKayla entering a new city and a new world that she has to quickly adapt to, it mainly focuses on her sister’s murder and her finding closure for her family. Finallyit opens a box of questions that will have you looking for the next book in the series Bloodfever.

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