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Farewell +DV8+

Farewell +DV8+
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We at the Torch SL Guide have some bad news, our beloved Cyber, Goth, Punk Store +DV8+ Is closing. In this current economy stores in virtual worlds are suffering just as much as those in the real world. Although there are multiple reasons why a store with in Second Life would close, I am glad to say that it isn’t because of economical issues why +DV8+ is leaving us. Of course not, they are the most successful store within their genre! Still it is very sad to see them go, no more ‘This Week @ +DV8+’, no more Twisted Hunts, (maybe, we don’t know if the Twisted Hunt will be leaving us as well),  and no more sitting in +DV8+ while writing articles and listening to Goth World Radio  (as I am doing right now).

So, there is a Clearance Good Bye Sale going on, right now, where everything is 50L$ … well almost everything is DV8_001and will continue until they close. I am not sure when this will be so, getting there as soon as you can might be a good idea.

Vasha & Dysturbed Sin, we will miss you, your store has played the soundtrack to many Torch articles ( and my university dissertation), your knowledge of hunts helped us with our very first SL hunt, and your store and networks paved the way for The Torch SL Guide follow  and make networks of our own. For this we are grateful and we will miss you.

The Torch SL Guide, +DV8+ Deviant Forever

Get Twisted +DV8+ Hunt

Goth, Punk & Cyber Culture in Second Life

Twisted Hunt – The Pay Off

Twisted Hunt Review – Seriously Twisted 

Twisted Hunt – Unseelie 

Here comes the Hunts 

Chillin @ DV8


Another update: As a final farewell, Fashion + Freebies for Men gathered many deviants to pay homage to the store

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