Fantasy Week Concludes: Merfolks in SL

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Imagination in SL can mean residence come across and experience the most usual of things.  From vampires to Faes and even mermaids SL has everything to offer new residents.

Mermaids/Men culture, along with faes, nekos and vampires, are one of the most common culture in SL. From Destinations to different kinds of fashion, becoming a merperson opens a whole new world o
Morphman The Clown as a Merman

f excitement and undersea pleasures.

#CI# Creative Insanity, this amazing store is one of the most popular retail stores in SL that provide quality Animation Overriders or AOs. They give residences the choice of buying a full AO or just a stand, pose, run, jump or anything that is available.

Mermaid AO- comes with 23 animated poses, 1 furniture clam that has an extra pose. Scultped tail in 4 colour and a complete mermaid outfits. A pose can be for 40L$ while the complete AO is 400L$

Seahorse Rider AO- comes with 2 HUDs: Biped and Mermaid, 3 seahorse colours 44 animations, each animations individually costs 40L$ while the complete AO costs 400L$

CI also provides Fae, Vampires, Demons and other Fantasy AOs.

Creativity Insanity

Mermaid Treasure

Great place find out about Merfolk in SL, they also provide beginner packs for those who are interested in becoming or even trying

Freebie From Mermaid Treasure w/ Free basic Mermaid AO

out Merfolk Culture. They are connected to Avilion a Medieval Role-play Sim where you may interact as a  Mer or Merrow as they are known on the sim, they have a member base of round 2000 members can roleplay as decide races such as Dragon, Elven, Drow, Fae, Human, Creatures and more.

Avilion – Medieval Fantasy Role 

Mermaid Treasure

There are many Role-play societies in Second Life, another well-known is the Isle of Dee.  Merthyn Vintner is part of the Dee’s Mer society and he was kind enough to tell the Torch SLG a bit about Merrow or Merfolk culture:
How did your culture come into existence?

It’s a bit early in development to say that we have a culture as such.  We have had a growing number of mermaids and a siren or two over the past weeks, but they need a leader, and a  very promising mermaid leader had to leave a while back, for RL reasons.   Consequently, our mer population comes and goes.  Mer have their own land underwater, with rocks and ruins and such like.  Visitors like it a lot.
What are the main characteristics of your culture?

The mer live in the sea, but can grow legs and walk on the land, although this has an injurious effect on them, and they cannot stay out for long.  They are generally suspicious of humans at the very least, and prefer the company of elves and other such elemental creatures.I  Following folk lore, they sing to lure men to them, and the men cannot resist.  They may use them for their own pleasure, but they are invariably thrown into the sea – or crash their boats into rocks – so that the men are found washed up on the shore in various states of health.  We are encouraging our mer to develop their own RP scenarios, and to arrange mer events (even OOC – like dances).
What tips do you have for newcomers that want to be a part of your culture?

Play according to the folk lore!  There is a wealth of possibility there.

If there is anything else you would like for our readers to know please write it below.

I’d invite those with mer tendencies to come and try the waters of Dee, and join the group, to find out, and to help develop the culture fully.

Other Mermaid Stores: 

Tala Mermaids
Owner: Lalinda Lovell
Cheap Mer accessories
The Trident Mermaid Lagoon
Offers Free Mermaid outfits. AOs from 75L$  Other Outfits from 150L$ 300
Club for Mers and other Sea Creatures. Check it out!
Written by Izzie Morgan 
Images by June Carlson 

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