Fantasy Roleplaying in Second Life: Avilion Part 1

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Castle Ballroom of Avilion
Castle Ballroom of Avilion

Welcome to the start of a new series, Fantasy Roleplay in Second Life! This four part series will look take you inside the mythical realms of Avilion and will cover the people, places, and events of this great Second Life location!

In this article we will provide an overview of Avilion. I was lucky to interview Dawnbeam Dreamscape, leader of the Avilion elves. Dawn also showed me around Avilion and was my eyes and ears for this entire series.

Avilion Elf Queen, Dawnbeam Dreamscape
 Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Leader of the Avilion elves

Avilion was created in October of 2006 by Lord Malakh Giles and Lady Serenity Sieyes as an extension of another interactive game. The sim was created as a haven for the creators and soon their other friends followed them to Avilion. Malakh and Serenity created a romantic island surrounding the center attraction of a castle ballroom. I was lucky to explore the ballroom and noticed a couple dancing and freebies for anyone who wishes to join in.

The castle ballroom boasts a reflective glass floor, one of the very first in Second Life, romantic gardens, a chapel, and a waterfall walk. This sim soon proved very popular and Avilion has expanded and now has many other islands, which are open to the public. While the other locations of Avilion require medieval attire, the castle ballroom allows modern, modest, and formal attire, as well as the castle gardens.

The main purpose of Avilion was to provide a natural and beautiful setting for people who are looking for a medieval setting for role play. Each of the main sims has a specific purpose for Avilion. The Avilion Nexus sim has battles and contests, while the Avilion Grove (the first of the Avilion sims), provides romance and houses the merchant area. Avilion Loch is a wilderness interactive adventure area and Avilion Mist is home to the sim’s main store.

The welcome area of Avilion
The welcome area of Avilion

Avilion has changed throughout Second Life. The location has gone from a few roleplayers to a stable and growing role play area. The sim has survived major administrative changes and economic changes that have hit Second Life. At the heart of Avilion is a dedicated and hardworking core of members who are the basis of Avilions survival and continued growth.  Dawn summed up the members love of Avilion, by stating, “Flexibility and a true love of the lands and people are the fuel which keeps the entire location going”.

Anyone can roleplay in Avilion provided they meet the age requirement and choose an allowed race. Avilion has various races and groups. Any interested roleplayer must be at least 18 years old. The sim allows humans, elves (quendi), half elves (peralda), fae, pixies, dragons (from hatchie size to ancient size), drow (dark skinned creatures related to elves many centuries ago), hobbits, dwaves, merfolk (mermaids and mermen), child avatars (with restrictions on role play), and creates of all types (if they mobilize on two legs like furries, they must dress as a human).

Storytelling at the drum circle of Avilion
Storytelling at the drum circle of Avilion

Avilion does not force role play on anyone, it is suggested that all newcomers observe the surroundings then join the roleplay when they are ready. In addition to combat events, Avilion has many other activities. The sim has verbal debates and sends out a weekly newspapers which gives participants the chance to write stories from each of the various races and sides point of view. Another fun tradition is a coin quests, where opposing teams gather to find coins.

Join us next week for part 2 in this series, as we explore the people and faces of Avilion!

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