Exodus The New SL Viewer

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Exodus is a new third-party viewer to join the Second Life downloadable viewer family. It is the first in a new generation of viewers which is modelled after the default viewer 3. While it is similar there are a few differences that make this viewer unique in its own rights.

Exodus Viewer Beta first look.

Similarities to the vanilla viewer are cosmetic, the bottom bar, has all the same thumbnails that makes it easy to use for residents who are familiar with the Lindens default V3. The left bar is a lot longer, with the seven original main thumbnails and six added extras including Raid Advisor, Exodus Preferences, the original Preferences, Redraw, and Tools. Along with its many new features, this beta includes a function that informs users when a new resident has entered a region. This is a push beyond the already popular Radar function in other viewers such as Phoenix, Firestorm and Singularity. It seems unclear how long this new viewer will be able to keep these functions in due to the new Linden Labs Policy that puts restrictions on third-party viewers. Since Exodus is still in its beta state, maybe it will not give into the policy just yet.

For more information on Exodus visit the website. A full review will be coming soon.

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