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Exodus is one of the newest additions to the SL Third Party Viewers and it’s with mixed feelings I do this review.

It is still in beta, so there will be changes before the final release. The interface is a slimmed down version of the Viewer 3, with a few notable differences. Among others, the draw distance settings like in Phoenix/Firestorm, customization for the chat and the Raid Manager.

The Raid Manager is a way for you to track the traffic of your favourite places without having to physically be there or checking the map. This way you’ll always know if your favourite club is full or have an event, or if your store has a lot of visitors. To add a sim to the Raid Manager, right click your landmark for the sim and select “Look on Map”, or simply look it up on the map manually. In the lower right of the toolbar in the map interface, you’ll see the button “Add to Raid Manager”, click it and you’ll be prompted to input the name you want for that location. Click ok and you’re done. On the left-hand toolbar you have the button for the raid manager, just click it and see all kinds of traffic-related information on all the sims you have added.

Through the “e”-icon on the side panel, you can access all kinds of advanced settings, from Draw Distance to Chat Commands. I’d recommend you to look at these carefully and play around with them, to see what personal settings you like the most.  There’s a lot more settings than most viewers, here you can even change the sounds that play when you teleport.

Looking through the settings, it’s apparent that many of these are for roleplayers, with sound settings for when you “die”, quick-buttons for accepting teleports and auto-mouselook on certain events. You can even auto-accept teleports from people you know and have marked with a color (that will show on their tag, color is changable).

There are chat commands for just about anything, TP to ground, setting draw distance, set home location, TP to certain height, rezing a platform… These are all handy for builders, RP’ers and explorers.

Another huge difference from most viewers is the fact that they kept the Avatar button from the standard viewer, so everyone can take part of the recent, rather awesome LL avatars.

It might take some time to get used to this very different interface, even if you come from the standard viewer, but trust me… It is definitely worth it!

Latest version of Exodus can be found here.

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