Excuse me, your spaceship is on my teleporter – Sandbox Etiquette

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Sandboxes are public places and just because you have the physical permissions to do anything you want, you should still follow a certain etiquette.

As I wandered to my favourite sandbox today, I saw a gigantic spaceship covering the whole sandbox area, including the teleporter to the platforms in the sky that he should have used for a build that big.

That’s why I’m listing the dos and don’ts of sandboxing here:

  • Read the rules carefully, every sandbox have their own
  • If you have big or adult rated builds or talking scripts, look for a skybox or skyplatform, most sandboxes have them
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in RL, this includes dropping 10mx10m boxes on someone’s head 😉
  • Respect the ones around you, people mostly comes there to have some alone time with their builds, if they don’t respond to your chat, IM or local, leave them alone.
  • Sandboxes are public, expect people to come sneaking around, most of the time they are just interested in what you are doing or walking through lag. If you want privacy, use a skybox or sky platform.

Hopefully this small list will help you become a liked visitor at your favourite sandbox.

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