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Well here we are. The Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2014 (or E3 2014 to pretty much every one) has drawn to a close. The big news stories comes from the ‘big’ conferences (that being the investors meetings for Xbox [Microsoft], EA, Ubisoft and Sony [PlayStation]. Nintendo just as last year didn’t not have a presence like their rivals but they again had their “Nintendo Direct” recorded stream instead. So, without further ado, here is a run down of the going on at the conferences.

Xbox [Microsoft]: We never made the Kinect and PC’s don’t exist.

EA [‘Electronic Arts’ in long form which no one uses because it’s to corporate or something.]: Just wait till 2015

Ubisoft: Look at us! We’re young! We’re hip!

Sony [PlayStation]: We’re doing everything! Like Xbox said last year! Keep buying us!

Nintendo: We’re big boys too!

With those stories big meetings now dealt with it’s now time to move on to everyone else.

There were a lot of booths offering some hands-on playtime with games that are near release. Just think that most of the games that are going to be released by years end in some form (full or in beta) had a hand-on booth. “Super Smash Bros’ Wii U” had a popular one. They handed stuff out to match winners so that is probably why. Nintendo generally had a good presence in the hands-on department. They didn’t have a live show so that must of have some spare money milling about. That is one disadvantage of covering it from here in the UK, no hands-on time. Which means I get to see the game but not play then which is kind of key to the playing of games. But at least I don’t get that feeling of the marketing/PR man hovering behind me as I play. Rough with the smooth I guess.

Paradox Interactive had a interesting E3 with the PS4 release of “Magica 2” and the first public showing of “Pillars of Eternity”. Talking about their publication on the PS4, Paradox CEO Fred Wester said;

We have to make sure that we capture the audience and that we support the game. We’re in for the ride, long term, like we continue to patch the game. I remember when we released Europa Universalis 4, four weeks before, we released a patch for EU3 and that was six years after the original release. We were still patching and updating the game.

It was a really tough call for us but in the end it was a gut feeling that we had, like, where do we think our target audience would want to play this game most of all?’ Because we didn’t want to go on both platforms at the same time with the technology risk and the limited experience that we had with releasing multiplatform games, when it comes to different consoles. So it was basically a gut feeling and a little bit of chance. Sony was a bit more aggressive as well.

This could be a hint that their exclusivity with the PS4 may not be permanent.

Atlus publishing had a good showing with “Citizens of Earth” and “Rollers of the Realm”. “Citizens of Earth” was a Kickstarter game that didn’t get its funding last year but was picked up by Atlus. Atlus is now selling the game as a spiritual successor to the cult classic “Earthbound”. ‘Citizens‘ takes a lot ques from “Earthbound” so it would be interesting to see how the game turns out.

The War Is Mine”, developed by 11 Bit Studios, had a showing at E3. The games senior writer Pawel Miechowski said; When war breaks out, there are no good guys.” The game makes you the leader of a band of randomized characters with randomized skills with the lone goal of surviving. You need to find food, shelter, etc., but there is also have to contend and manage with the emotions of the survivors. It seems to be a very engrossing experience and it really is a game to look out for.

The “SteamBoy”, the SteamOS based hand-held game device, is a thing.

With the specs of Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5″ 16:9 touchscreen it won’t be as powerfull as the touted ‘Steam Machines’. Although, a Steam representative said “SteamBoy won’t be as powerful as other announced Steam Machines in the same way [the] Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita performance is not comparable to Wii U or PlayStation 4.” I have to agree. It will still be interesting to see how this tuns out considering the delays that the ‘Steam Machines’ faced.

I’m just going to quickly mention “The Devil’s Men”, developed by Daedalic Entertainment. It’s a steampunk style, point and click adventure game. That entire list makes it something I want to play but it may not be for you. It comes out mid 2015.

The media coverage of E3 has become massive over the years. I’m doing it and I didn’t do. But I’m a games blogger/journalist [depending what you consider a journalist]. The LA Times covered the event and went with the head line “Nintendo’s White Playstation 4 Debuts”. It is a stunning error of fact checking by a major newspaper. I can get things wrong but the Playstation has been made by Nintendo ever. It’s been a Sony product for 2 decades. The white PlayStation they article talks about is a thing though. It’s part of a limited edition “Destiny” PS4 bundle .

Star Fox Wii” was quietly announced during the Nintendo Direct conference. It’s a strange miscalculation considering ‘Star Fox’ is one of their popular franchises. At the moment it is only a tech-demo so all people can say that it is in the works because demo’s can change. But it’s good to know that they are doing something with the series.

A “DOOM” reboot was announced by Bethesda. Not much was said but there was a hint to more information being released at QuakeCon.

There where a few game also announced like “Lego Batman 3” and other’s had things shown off like “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” but we all knew they where coming and/or know what they are going to be like. If I talk about every game that was at E3 then I would be here all day.

At I’m not going to talk about the “Ubisoft and Women” issue because it would be very long and all opinion. This is a news article so it’s not the place. Maybe somewhere else.

That is all for E3 2014. Hope everyone had fun at E3 because I’m tired of writing about it and will never mention it again.

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