Enchantment Island, the island where the impossible is possible!

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Somewhere in Second Life lives a woman with a very creative mind. She created a sim with hours of entertainment and made with Aragon Sommer one of the most spectacular pieces of art you can find in Second Life…

Enchantment Island is a sim for daredevils, art lovers and people who like to see that sl has much more to offer than a dance and some coupleanimations.
This location can be a source for inspiration, a perfect store to make your home unique and because Enchantment Island is so diverse there’s enough to do for everybody. So put on some easy clothes and be amazed what can be done in Second Life!

When you have a strong stomach and ever wanted to feel like the ball of a pinball game, the perfect location to start and explore the sim is the Bubble Ride.
Rez a bubble, sit in it and you will notice that Second Life can be almost as real as a real life rollercoaster. Make sure you sit until you reach the ground level (about 30 meters high).

If you prefer to keep your stomach calm but still have an adventurous mind. Enter Spooky woodland and the haunted house. Up here you will be watched by scary eyes, touched by ghosts and will shiver when you discover how haunted this place is. Maybe you know some Ghostbusters who can protect you during your exploration there. Be wise and offer them a tp!

Enchantment Island was created about 3,5 years ago. Beside of Enchantment Island BambiTwice Nitely is very active with other projects. She loves to create and has a great imagination with a big eye for details and originality.

“Imagination is hard to describe and comes from many places. Mostly from my dreams”

And maybe this makes this sim so unique. In dreams everything is possible. When you think things are impossible in Second Life. Bambi proves it is possible.

This is a great excuse to bring you to the museum of amazing illusions. Up here you will feel like Houdini or David Copperfield. Bring your friend and check if you have the same skills like the great illusionists in the rl world.
I dare you. Can you make an elephant disappear?
But before you do that, watch out! The snake and the spider really like to eat you! If you can survive them, you will find a few magical illusions outside of the museum.
The south wing has an amazing room. Look to all the details and the shadows. Enjoy art on a very unique way!

When you visit enchantment island you will notice the diversity with ease. The humour that’s brought in the sim and the many levels of actions. From calm and serene to great actions. And this is how I met Bambi. She makes you smile with her humour and kindness and I really love her enthusiasm when she talks about creating. This love you really can feel here.
But like we all need to learn when we want to make something possible. Bambi did too.She read a lot and learned to use Photoshop. And now we all have the profits for her efforts and can enjoy her tremendous creativity.

When you’re interested in history, you probably don’t mind to see some Ancient Egypt. Take the boat and be your own researcher and follow the clues to find the entrance and find the treasures in the land of the Pharaohs.

BambiTwice doesn’t only promote her own art. She certainly has the most spectacular gallery of Second Life. With the help of Taralyn Gravois, great artists exhibit in the Tornado Gallery. Recently Bryn Oh has exhibited here and at the moment I wrote this article, the artist Cherry Manga shows her amazing art.

Maybe you think. What a strange name for a gallery. But the Tornado gallery thanks its name to a real tornado. When it’s tornado time you won’t be safe. The tornado that comes here from time to time is huge, impressive, spits the stuff it has absorbed during its invasion. And then it starts to ruin the gallery. And oh watch out! Sometimes it absorbs avatars too!
You think I’m imaging this? Well, please visit and you will see…
The only thing you have to do is check if BambiTwice Nitely is around. And if she´s there just ask her to show.

“I like to rez that monster”

So don’t feel shy and have one of the most incredible experiences in Second Life!

If you like shopping. Enchantment Island is a great place to shop. You can fill your pond or aquarium with the greatest fishes or find here beautiful flora. If you prefer to decorate your house. Up here you can find the perfect lights.
When you love science fiction, the art that’s sold here will certainly have something you like. For beach lovers is a real tiki section.
If you like to make a scary scene, the scary gadgets here are funny and you will surprise your friends with a piece of horror.
Bambi’s latest shop is great for making a super party. The fireworks here are so fun! And if you haven’t found a perfect scenery for your Meeroo’s, Bambi thought about that too!
If you think that’s all. No I left some surprises for you to explore. But BambiTwice Nitely is very kind to you. You will get a notecard with all the locations to be seen. Just visit the sim and you will be offered automatically a guide with the best landmarks of Enchantment Island!

Thank you BambiTwice Nitely for making the impossible possible in Second Life and sharing your art with us!

Rush rush to Enchantment Island!



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