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Teleporters to and from every department

e-Tek Main Store

Owner: Frankwhiteaka Blanco

You have been in-world for a while now, started to learn some things and have decided you like building things, but you can’t do everything yourself… Don’t despair, that’s why we have e-Tek.

e-Tek is a complete builders store, with anything you might need for your build. It’s actually a collection of stores, each with its own specialty. Among others we have PRIM-TEK, one of my favourites, that sells all kinds of sculpted prims, most of them with full permissions and SCRIPT STORE, wich is pretty self explanatory.

The place a newcomer might be interested in is FREEBIE FACTORY, an old abandoned factory, where the old owner “forgot” a lot of crates filled with goodies, not only for builders. Among  others we have a crate with over 200 pieces of clothes, a crate filled with vampire-stuff and a survey-machine where you can earn a few lindens by taking surveys online. Well worth a check-out, even if you’re not into building.

Everything sold at e-Tek has resell rights, which means if you buy that tip jar script to put in your DJ-set, you can still sell the DJ-set of you wish. You could skip the whole building part and just go around buying everything you need at e-Tek and put it together, but don’t expect to earn anything from that, because the price for the simplest things might go well over 2000 lindens if you do it this way. Each component can be bought for a pretty cheap penny thou, so don’t be afraid to check it out.

There’s also a lot of building help for sale here, like a fully equipped builders platform that saves a lot of time if you’re

Pretty inventive buildings

building a lot. No matter what you’re building, this platform will make your life easier, with features such as Mega Prim-rezers, sculptie-rezers and chat activated positioning. The platform also work as a vehicle, you can fly it around, wich is pretty convenient if you want it up high in the air.

If you look at their marketplace store you’ll find a bunch of freebie scripts (that’s how I found the store ^_^), pretty simple, but if you don’t know how to script they might be very useful.

Facilities: Teleporter in every department, survey stations, sandbox

Pricerange: 0-2000+ (depending on what you’re buying)

Lag: 2-4 (mostly lag free)

Music: N/A (No music here)

Newbie Friendliness: 5 (You don’t need to know much more than what you’re looking for, but don’t expect any help if you don’t know)

Personal Rating:  6 (I love the things they sell, but the price can be a bit steep)

SLURL to the main store


Photos by: Morphman the Clown

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